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Callahan Family in Maryland-- Let's share!
Jan 04, 2015 · Reply
Nancy Marie Callahan August 1946 - September 2011 (my mother)-- Rosemary Ann Callahan (my grandmother)-- William Leonard Callahan, Sr. (great grandfather)-- Edward Patrick Callahan (g-g-grandfather)
Jan 04, 2015 · Reply
Other related surnames: Ohler, Schaeffer, Dixon, Whalen, Abbey, Johnson
Jan 04, 2015 · Reply
Of note: Father Daniel Callahan was a cousin. Sister Leola (Rose Mary) Callahan was a great grand aunt, sister of William. May also have some connections to farm work at Shepard Pratt Hospital per family lore; stories about the hospital getting electricity where shared when I was a kid.
Jan 04, 2015 · Reply