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Updated Feb 06, 2022


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The average age of a Castle family member is 69.3 years old according to our database of 8,087 people with the last name Castle that have a birth and death date listed.


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Sharon De Varona commented on Sep 10, 2008
I was interested in finding other families that have had a 6th living generation. We have a photo of my Great Grandmother(Lela), Grandmother (Norma), my mother (Beverly), myself (Sharon), my daughter (Kirsten), and finally, our sixth living generation and my first grandaughter, Shyanne. I have talked to a lot of people in the medical field who claim they had never heard or knew anyone that had six living generations. Sadly, the sixth generation passed away last year, but it still makes me wonder how rare this is. We are all related in blood, meaning that none of us were adopted. I would appreciate any knowledge of anyone that has had this blessing. I have a photo of all of us together if anyone would care to see it. The family surname is Castle. James Castle, my mothers great uncle, was deaf and mute. Please google his art. His drawings are quite unique and very valuable. He lived in Idaho and would spend his time in an old shed, drawing with charcoal from the fire. His artwork consisted of people without ears, due to the fact that he was deaf. I think his life story is very interesting and would also like to hear from anyone who has seen his artwork or heard his life story. Please contact me at [contact link]. Sincerely, Sharon De Varona
James Hagland commented on Oct 09, 2008
Richard Castle far as we know was born in reading, 1836 - 1838 , he was a policeman in around Uffington, near Eastbury, joining in 1856 when he was (stated) 21years old. He married Elizabeth Spanswick in 1862. We know they moved to London having children there. 1881 they were living at 2, Paradise road, Lambeth, hes occupation then was as a railway signalman, (where, ex, station ?). One of the children they had was called Edith Ann. Can anyone inform us of the correct date of his birth, where he was born, address, hes parents (any information would be warmly welcome).
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