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Chaffee Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 07, 2018


During the time of King Ethelred the Unready and Queen Emma of Normandy c1000 AD, a region in southern England near Chard possibly called"Ceaffa's Clumb," was given to a close confidant and follower of Queen Emma.  This area later was known as Chaffcombe, the old Middle English meaning "light, breezy valley."  Many years later, as people developed a last name, instead of using John of Chaffcombe, for example, it became John Chaffe, or Chaffy.  In America, the two ee's did not develop until the 1700's, hence Chaffee.  Another possibility of the name Chaffee comes from the French "la chauve," meaning "the bald."  

Name Origin

Possibly from the region in southern England, Chaffcombe, the Middle English for "light, breezy valley."
Possibly from the French, "la chauve," meaning the bald
First known country to use a form of this surname was England.  My 9th great grandfather came to Hingham, Massachusett Plymouth Bay Colony, in 1647, from England.  As he could not read or write, he made an X and someone signed Thomas Chaffe.  These documents still exist in Massachusetts and Connecticut museums....

Spellings & Pronunciations

Chaffee, Chaffe, Chaffy, Chaffie, Chaffey, Chafe

Nationality & Ethnicity

British Isles Norman French and/or combination of English bloodlines

Famous People named Chaffee

Roger Bruce Chaffee, Nancy Ann Chaffee, Suzy Chaffee, Herbert Chaffee (went down with the Titanic), Adna Romanza Chaffee, Jerome Bunty Chaffee, there are more.  Go to this link:
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