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Clifton Last Name History & Origin

Updated Jun 11, 2020


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Name Origin

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Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Early Cliftons

These are the earliest records we have of the Clifton family.

1180 - Unknown
1328 - 1356
1355 - Unknown
1535 - Unknown
1547 - Unknown
1549 - Unknown
1555 - Unknown
1557 - Unknown
1560 - Unknown

Clifton Family Photos

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Clifton Family Members

Clifton Family Tree

Discover the most common names, oldest records and life expectancy of people with the last name Kroetch.

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Clifton Biographies

Nov 12, 1854 - Unknown
Aug 31, 1903 - July 1982
Sep 14, 1963 - Unknown
Oct 17, 1906 - June 1970
Mar 18, 1946 - Jun 15, 1995
Dec 4, 1911 - Oct 16, 1997
May 15, 1916 - Dec 22, 2005
Apr 3, 1930 - February 1977
Dec 23, 1962 - May 9, 2001
Aug 3, 1918 - Apr 1, 2005
Dec 18, 1907 - Dec 20, 1991
Aug 22, 1894 - Mar 16, 1992
Apr 13, 1892 - May 1981
Jan 20, 1897 - August 1965
around 1944 - Unknown
around 1956 - Unknown
around 1975 - Unknown
around 1863 - Dec 31, 1930
Unknown - 1948
around 1922 - Unknown

Clifton Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Clifton family member is 69.4 years old according to our database of 10,032 people with the last name Clifton that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.4 years

Oldest Cliftons

These are the longest-lived members of the Clifton family on AncientFaces.

Oct 15, 1885 - Oct 17, 1992
107 years
May 28, 1896 - Jul 6, 2000
104 years
Mar 16, 1882 - December 1986
104 years
Mar 2, 1901 - Oct 24, 2004
103 years
Jul 19, 1896 - Oct 4, 1998
102 years
Apr 7, 1895 - Jun 22, 1997
102 years
May 22, 1887 - Oct 14, 1989
102 years
Dec 15, 1903 - Feb 19, 2005
101 years
Feb 19, 1883 - January 1985
101 years
Mar 22, 1887 - Apr 20, 1988
101 years

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Beth Pearce
215 favorites
Willow, Okla. Feb 4-1918 Mr. Chas. G. Montgomery, Dear Friend:

Will take the greatest of pleasure in answering your gladly rec'd letter.
No I did not think you a fool for writing for I emgine I know about how
lonesome a soldier boy gets or one that has been with home folks most of his
life and I have been away from home enough to know how one feels when they
are lone some and blue but I do get blue here at home sometimes. but "Gee"
its enough to make the girls blue and all the boys going away. You ask me
what we heard here from ???? Mines. Now realy we don't hear any thing much
???? church society. But I don't go very much. A few of we "kids" went out
Kodaking Sunday afternoon. made keen pictures.

What do you boys do of Sundays? But I guess you all have some keen times
there some times. Bill was telling me some stunts while he was home xmas.
You tell him I sure do like his way of doing things. Tell him there's still
big tears on my cheeks cause I did not get to tell him good by. I guess he
told you he's my uncle, but if he didn't don't let on for a while.

"Listen" I am going to entertain the 14th. You had better come up. Will
show you some "Keen" ????. Well I am going to close for this time hoping to
hear from you again real soon. And please pardon me for waiting so long
this time. For I was a way from home the first week. So I will be glad to
hear from you any time. ????unknown friend, Miss Eula Clifton. Willow Okla.
Jul 25, 2009 · Reply
Judith Geister
1 favorite
my name is judith [external link] grandfather was born in Carter county of Oklahoma.Right off hand I can't remember the town.His mother's name was martha. She was a stewart before they married. my grandpa's father was killed by lightening.grandpa told me that his mother took him and his siblings and left Oklahoma when he was 14.They went to Texas.his brothers names were Floyd and Otis.they had a sister named Estel.There was another brother but i do not know his name.My uncle Otis filed for a birth certifcate for my aunt Estel later in life and on the place for father's employment was a laywer.My grandpa's birthday is 1900 of September the 25th.He married my grandma on September the 2nd of 1921.
So if there are any stewarts in oklahoma,of carter county,it would be very nice to hear from you.Thanks for taking my story.Judith Geister
Jan 06, 2007 · Reply

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