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Cline Last Name History & Origin

Updated Aug 09, 2022


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Name Origin

In Germany it meant small/ little

Spellings & Pronunciations

Klein, Clein, Cline, Kline

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The average age of a Cline family member is 71.5 years old according to our database of 19,578 people with the last name Cline that have a birth and death date listed.


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Unknown User commented on Dec 26, 2008
John Cline b.1822 Markham Twp.York Co. Ontario,Canada. d.February 29, 1892 Worth ,Sanilac Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Lot#35 Cole Section.Married 1848 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario,Canada Theresa Louise Ayles b.1830 England d. before August 1,1874 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario, Canada. CHILDREN; 1.Adolphus Alphonsus Homer Cline b.1849 Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario, Canada.Married December 20, 1883 Sarah Amy See 2.Sarah Jane Cline b.August 01, 1852 Markham Twp.York County,Ontario,Canada. d.1893 in Fort Gratiot , St. Clair County , Mi. Lakeside Cemetery block H. Married August 01, 1874 in Worth , Sanilac County , Michigan. To Henry Wright b.1850 in Worth Township, Sanilac County , Michigan.d.November 28, 1920 Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron , St.Clair County, Michigan. block H. 3.George W. Cline b.March 26, 1856 Markham Twp.York Co.Ontario, Canada. d.August 28, 1917 P.H.,St.Clair Co. Mi. Lakeside Cemetery Block H .Lot 588 g.6 Married; Maybe Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario ,Canada. To Josephine Mary Lorane Law b.April 1859 Ontario , Canada.d.September 16, 1938 St.Clair Co. Mi.Lakeside Cemetery b.Y,lot 69 g.5 4.Demaline Cline b.1860 Markham Twp. York Co. Ontario, Canada.Married July 03, 1880 in Worth ,Sanilac Co.Michigan USA. To Hannah Castor. 5.John Wellington Cline b.September 20, 1862 in Markham Twp.York Co.Ont.Canada.d.December 03, 1897 Worth ,Sanilac Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Lot#35 Cole Section. Married;July 03, 1884 Jeddo Grant St.Clair Co. Mi.,B5 p121 St.Clair Co.Mi.#1802. To Rosalie Edith Fleury b.July 20, 1860 Oxford Co.Ont.Canada.d.March 22, 1956 St.Clair Co.Mi. Burtchville Cemetery Cole Section Lot # 35. 6.Theresa A. Cline b.May 19, 1863 Markham Twp.York County,Ontario,Canada.d.March 13, 1949 in Port Huron , St.Clair County , Michigan ,b.9 p. 345 Croswell Cemetery. Married;November 05, 1895 Port Huron,St.Clair Co.Mi Book Vol. 3 1887-1898 To Washington G. Harrington b.October 26, 1850 Worth Township Sanilac Co. Michigan. d.January 02, 1910 Port Huron, St.Clair Co. Mi. b.8 p.228 Croswell Cemetery.
William Fox commented on Jan 15, 2015
Is there anyone who is tracing the surname Cline or other variant spelling who were residents of Schoharie County, New York 1710-1900?
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