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Updated Apr 01, 2021


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On the 5th of November I laid a wreath for my great, great uncle, George Collett.

He fought in the Great War as a member of the First Battallion of the London Regiment of the Royal Fusiliers. He was a Private. He fought in the Battle of the Somme and died on the 15th of September. That is all I know. He has no known grave which means he is either buried under a gravestone which states; "Known unto God" or that he is still lying in the fields where he fell.

In 2004, during a school trip on the Great War in France and Belgium I visited Theipval. Theipval is a large memorial where the names of hundreds of soldiers are written. With the members of my school who came on the trip we had a formal wreath laying ceremony in his memory.

I will never forget my experiances in Belgium, especially in Theipval.

If anybody has any information on George or knows anything about the 1st Battalion of the London Regiment of the Royal Fusiliers please could you post it under Collett.

Dec 02, 2004 · Reply
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Ian Collett
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Ian Collett commented
Some of the UK Colletts are holding a Collett re-union at Collett Park in Shepton Mallett Somerset in June 2006. The contact I have for the re-union is Margaret Chadd, email [contact link]
There have been some famous Colletts in the UK including several Lord Mayors of London. My branch of Colletts originated in the Suffolk area in England with William Collett whose son Phillip Collett (my Gt Grandfather) migrated to Appin NSW in 1845. His forbears history stretches back to 1360 or there-abouts. There are many other Collett families scattered across Australia and it would be interesting to discover if they are all connected or not.
Nov 08, 2005 · Reply

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