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Updated Nov 18, 2021


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Nancy Baker commented on Dec 19, 2006
My grandfather was Luther Alvin Curd who was born in Johnson County TN on March 8, 1890 to Richard Franklin and Mary Augustus Freeman Curd. He married my grandmother, Mary Caldona Osborne on 14 December 1911. She was the daughter of David Lincoln and Margaret O. Graybeal of Ashe County NC. I have always called my grandfather - Dad or Dad Curd. He died in a Burke County NC hospital of a brain aneurism, February 18, 1970 . He was always a tall heathy man, strong and straight, even when he became elderly. I remember the time about three weeks before he died, when he complained of a headache...I don't remember him ever saying he'd had a headache before. He first saw my grandmother while she was attending the Pleasant Hill Church in Ashe County. He and a friend, who had not gone to church, peaked into the window as they were having services and they spotted her. He told his friend that one day she was going to be his wife...and she was. The couple had eleven children who all grew up to adulthood and married. He had nine brothers and sisters; Henry Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ella Elizabeth, Alfred Elijah, Ezekiel Augustus, Lydia Ann, Daniel MacDonald (Don), and Josephine P. Curd. I don't remember Dad ever working on a job myself, but it was said that he had worked at the East Marion Cotton Mill in Marion NC at one time and that he was a logger and traveled up north for work. I believe some of his brothers were also loggers. I do remember that he sold shoes out of a catalog. He lived about nine miles from town, and since he never did learn to drive a car (or ever owned one), he would start out by walking to town to sell his shoes...and most always someone would pick him up. He would stay in town most of the day and when he headed for home, someone most always picked him up as well. I suppose all that walking made him as strong and heathly as he was. I wish I could remember the name of that shoe was sort of popular in those days. He sold quite a few I think. He loved children and would always give me and my friends candy or chewing gum. If he didn't have those, he would give us a quarter or a fifty-cent piece. As you can imagine, my friends loved to see him. I am working on our family tree and have found quite a bit of information about his father, Richard Franklin Curd...up to a point. I don't know who the progenitor of this family was though. There's not a whole lot of information about the first Curds who came to America and what there is, I can't find out which one Dad Curd belongs to. The last people I have for Dad Curd in my files are James Curd who married Abigail Stewart, born in the 1700s. His wife, Mary Augustus Freeman is also a hard one for me. I believe her parents were Augustus Freeman and Annie Landris/Landreth of VA. Augustus' parents were Clemens Freeman and Sally or Sarah Ennis. After Augustus was shot and died at the battle of Cold Harbor in 1964, Sally married again to Aaron Wallace, and some say that she also married Andrew Porter later on, but I have no proof of that. I would love to find out more about this Annie Landris/Landreth..that would be my (genealogy)dream come true. Also, I am still looking for more information about Sarah (Sally) Ennis. I've seen one record mentioning her name in the 1860 Carroll County VA census report and it says her mother was from PA. If anyone can help me find my elusive ancestors, I sure would appreciate it. Those mentioned (and one more on my Dad's side) are the only grandparents that I have had no luck with. Dad Curd sure has left a heap of children and grandchildren. Only two of his children have died and they are Annie Opal (the youngest daughter) and James Garfield (the oldest son) and they lived a good long life. Their oldest child, Mary Grace, will be 93 years old in March '07. My mother, Glatha O., will be 90 in March also. Their other children are; Audrey Viola, Bruce Ray, Luther Alvin, Jr., Conley Radnor, Riley Grant, David Franklin and Ronda Lee Curd . I could never list all the grandchildren, for I have not seen most of them in many years and have not kept up with new arrivals nor deaths, although I am trying now to get as much information as I can about each and every one of them. We grandchildren, I'm sure, always loved to visit 'Dad' and Grandma Curd...and when we did, you could expect to see a lot of the cousins, aunts, uncles and other 'kin' there as well..their house was always full.
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