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Updated Sep 10, 2020


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1779 - 1857 1779 - 1857
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c. 1964 - Unknown 1964 - ?
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1875 - 1934 1875 - 1934
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Mar 13, 1898 - Feb 24, 2001 1898 - 2001
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Jun 12, 1900 - Jan 31, 2003 1900 - 2003
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4 c. flour
2 eggs
1 cup hot water
Mix well. Remove from bowl and place on floured board. Roll out until about 1/8 inch thick. Cut into 5 inch squares. Re-roll until all dough is cut into squares. If some dough left then cut into strips(rags)
On teach square place 1 tablespoon sliced strawberries, 1/2 teas. dried bread crumbs(very fine), sugar to taste. Bring corners together and pinch very well.
Drope into salted boiling water and cook about 5 minutes or until they float or almost float. Drain well. Do this in batches, do not crowd the pot.
Place in cassarole dish, flat one and cover with melted butter and warm cream. Keep hot in very low oven until all are cooked.
This should feed about four hungry people. This is not a dessert but a main dish.
Do not use imported berries only your local berries or ones you have picked.
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Susan Aldridge
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The connection between the Robert Hardy family and the Ransom Meadows family and the importance of Nancy Peebles Browning in the Ransom Meadows Descendancy.

Nancy Peebles Browning was the mother of Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy who married Milous Meadows. Nancy Peebles Browning was the mother of John B. Hardy -1825 SC -who married Elizabeth Jane Meadows-.b April 1827 AL, and she was the mother of Robert W. Hardy and William Allan Lansing Hardy who both married Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, daughter of Stephen Meadows who was the son of Ransom Meadows. They were children by her first marriage to Robert Hardy b 1782 in Lunenburg VA who lived in Edgefield SC before leaving for Alabama. Ransom Meadows Dick (a grandson of Ransom Meadows) served in the Confederate Calvary (military records), then married Nancy Browning Bankston at Coosa Co in 1865. Nancy was also the daughter of Nancy Peebles Browning by her second marriage to James Madison Bankston .

Two of Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy Bankston´s children married 2 of Ransom´s children and 3 of her children married 2 of Ransom Meadows`grandchildren.Moses Meadows (son of Ransom Meadows) signed the marriage bond for his niece, my ancestor. I have a copy. Her name was Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows and she was the daughter of Stephen "Steve" who died of yellow fever. She grew up with Ransom Meadowsm, her grandfather. Ransom went to Mt. Miegs, east of Montgomery, Alabama about 1816/17. Then, he went to Autauga, thirdly to Lowndesboro about 1819, then finally in 1840s to Alexander City, Tallapoosa after 3 of his boys died of fever- Stephen, Tom, and Jerry.

Headstone for uncle Moses Meadows and Didema Hogan

1850 Tallapoosa , AL 12 Dec House 1376 Ransom Meadows NOT INDEXED
Runtsum Maddows 63 $4000 farmer NC Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1786
Sarah 59 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1791 GA
Miles 16 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1834 Alabama
John W. 7 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1843 Alabama (grandson- Gilbert´s son by a 1st marriage to Martha Matilda Snowden)

1860 Tallapoosa AL
Ransom Meadows Western Division, Tallapoosa, AL 73 1786 North Carolina Male
Sarah Meadows Western Division, Tallapoosa, AL 70 1789 Georgia Female
Mary Sanders Western Division, Tallapoosa, AL 50 1809 Georgia Female
Noly Sanders Western Division, Tallapoosa, AL 35 1824 Georgia Female

From an undated newspaper clipping:
"Ransom was a man who believed in "making arrangements," undoubtedly a long range planner. When the time came to settle in his final resting place, there was already constructed and waiting a sturdy, stone mausoleum. Time and the elements and some vandalism have taken their toll on the pre-1800 structure, but it is still in good shape in a wooded area about one-quarter mile off Elkahatchee Road, three miles from Alexander City, Alabama, near the old Crow place. In this self-styled mausoleum are the bodies of Ransom and his wife Sarah. Ransom's son William and daughter-in-law are also said to be buried there. Sometime between 1830 and 1840, Ransom and all of his living sons except William left Lowndesboro and went to Tallapoosa Co. in the face of malaria and yellow fever epidemics. It is said William out lived all of those who left him behind in Lowndes County.
Isham, Jr. also remained in Lowndes Co. and died there. Ransom was the son of Isham, born in 1765 in Virginia, and the grandson of another Isham Meadows, who was named for the Bermuda Hundred settlement in Virginia, founded in 1649."

Marker at mausoleum:
"In memory of RANSOM MEADOWS
born in Warren County N. Carolina
Dec. 25th, 1786
Married Sarah Stephens
Feb. 4th, 1808
April 2nd, 1863
aged 76 years, 1 month and 7 days."

Below-is Ransom Meadows grave Foto courtesey Oel Castner

“Susan, I thank you for the wonderful article about Ransom Meadows. I have been to Fishpond cemetery where Didema grave is. As you know she was Creek Indian and the Fishpond cemetery and Baptist Church is the seat of the Creek nation. All of the Hogan's are there. The name Susan appears several time in the women of the Meadows family. I hope you get the attachment to my e mail. I have been to this cretch several times it is a few miles on Meadows property,it has been sold but today's owners will let you visit....I am fith generation Meadows on my mothers side. My grandfather was Oel and I bear that extremely interesting name.... The Creeks still function as a tribe, and there history and current administration still continue through family members who live near or attend to Fishpond Baptist Church. The people who lived in the communities near Fishpond were made up of native American folks and families married and resided side by side, mostly farmers. This is the story that I know about Didema [Moses Meadows wife]. I have photos and have seen photos of her and if you were able to see them you would understand the Creek part be cause she looks full Native American. She wore bright checks and even wore Indian bead work. Didema was born 12-5-1833, and died 11-10,1912. Her father was Alonza Hogan. (Hogans are buried in the Native American portion, of the cemetery. A small rock fence separates these families. Anglo American and Native American.) No record is available about her mother's name. My grand mother alluded to it as perhaps Thunderburk. When she was only twelve, both of her parents died of typhoid fever within the same week. She had no sisters and just one brother. Didema was jolly, pleasant,and easy going. She was quite thrifty, and did not want to waste anything' She like to talk and visit with everyone. She and Moses always went to Primitive Baptist Church. (Note Primitive Baptist) This probably was literal. She always had her church paper, which was the first church paper published.Moses and Didema Hogan Meadows are buried in Fishpond Cemetery. Moses and Didema children are Daniel (Dan) Ransom Meadows 5-25-1849;d1934 he married Mary B._____(b1849;d.1929 He was a successful farmer and trader of stock and cattle......oel castner”

Ransom is buried three miles from Alexander City (Talapoosa County) 1/4 mile from Elleahatchee (?spelling) near the old Crow place. (Steve Meadows)

From Evelyn Justice, August 1967:
"My grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Meadows Justice, told the story that she visited at Ransom Meadows's home many times when she was a child. She said he owned about 4,000 acres of land and 200 slaves. It took fifteen years to build the house for the sepulchre, and was built on a large smooth rock. The cement was made of wood ashes, salt and water. Ransom begged his wife, Sarah, for several years to be buried there with him and she refused for a long time. Finally, shortly before he died, she promised him she would be buried there and this made him very happy. A daughter, Frances, was also buried there. For several years the family could go into the sepulchre and view the bodies. But a few years later someone broke in and broke the glass and stole the jewelry from the bodies then the tomb had to be sealed."

Ransom was not her father, but probably grandfather.
This could be Sarah´s family-
Household: 1880
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Warren JUSTICE Self M Male W 30 AL Farmer GA AL
Sarah H. JUSTICE Wife M Female W 33 AL Keeping House AL AL (this seems to be Sarah H. Meadows daughter of Gilbert Meadows- b 11 SEP 1846 in Tallapoosa)
Willie E. JUSTICE Son S Male W 10 AL Work On Farm AL AL
Isac C. JUSTICE Son S Male W 6 AL AL AL
Ona JUSTICE Dau S Female W 4 AL AL AL
Robert A. JUSTICE Son S Male W 3 AL AL AL
Lena JUSTICE Dau S Female W 5M AL AL AL
Source Information:
Census Place Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Nixburg is where the Hardys lived who married so many Meadows family members from Tallapoosa.

1850 Tallapoosa , AL census 12th day of Dec ( days after Ransom´s birthday) House 1375
Gilbert Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1818 Al
Rebecca Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1827
Sarah H Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1846 Al
James R Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1848 Al
Martha A Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1839 Alabama

Below is a newspaper announcement found by Billy Parker concerning the sale date of the transcribed court paper from 1873 . After Ransom Meadow´s widow sarah Stephens´s death, the remaining property was sold.

A Petition was filed in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, 18 January 1873, by Gilbert Meadows. To the Hon. Allen D. Sturdevant, Judge of the Probate for said county: Gilbert Meadows, a resident citizen of said county over age twenty-one years. He stated that Ransom Meadows, late of said county, decd., died owning 352 acres off the west side of Section 20, Township 22, Range 21, in said county, with other lands. After the death of Ransom Meadows, the said lands above were set apart as the dower of the widow of Ransom, Sarah Meadows, who has since departed this life 3 November 1872 leaving real estate unadministered. Petition further states that the following named persons are the children and heirs at law of Ransom Meadows: (1) Mary Dick over 21 years old and resides in Pickens(?) County, Alabama; (2) William Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Lowndes County, Alabama; (3) adix Elias Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Pike [Polk] County, Texas; (4) Moses Meadows of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (5) adix Elizabeth Bankston over 21 years of age and resides somewhere in the State of Georgia, but petitioner is not informed as to her county; (6) Milas [Milous] Meadows over 21 years residing in Coosa County, Alabama; (7) Stephen Meadows who is now decd., leaving surviving him Mary Hardey who is of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (8) Martha Farris who is also decd., leaving surviving her June Boss(?) and Francis Farris all of whom are of lawful age and reside in Coosa County, Alabama; (9) Sarah Ogletree who died leaving surviving her John & Thomas Ogletree over the age of 21 years – John resides in said county and state, Thomas having died last resided in Coosa County, Alabama leaving surviving him Daniel, Sidney, and Elizabeth Ogletree all under fourteen years of age; (10) Petitioner Gilbert Meadows who is of lawful age and residing in said county and state. Petitioner shows that all the above mentioned heirs at law & children of Ransom Meadows are joint owners and tenants in common in said lands above described and have each a one tenth interest in said lands. Lands cannot be equitably & fairly divided without a sale of same. Henry A. Garrett is guardian ad litem for the minors in this petition. Transcribed by Russell Henderson from the original.

Children of Ransom Meadows and Sarah Stephens:
i. Sarah Meadows, born circa 1810, Greene County, Georgia, died September 1836 Georgia, married 30 January 1832, Lowndes County, Alabama, to Asbury Ogletree. Ogletree was born 18 November 1811 in Wilkes Co., GA, and died 23 April 1884 in Taliaferro Co., GA son of Littleton Ogletree and Sarah Thompson. He married (2) Martha Thompson on 21 September 1837 in Georgia Children by Sarah Meadows 1. John R.M. OGLETREE MAR 1835 in Taliaferro Co. GA m. 26 Apr 1855 to Harriet E. Morgan 2. Thomas R. OGLETREE b 1836 GA who married Emeline Wilkinson had children Daniel, Sidney and Elizabeth Frances Ogletree b: 7 DEC 1861. Thomas died by Jan 18, 1873.
1880 District 140, Tallapoosa, Alabama John R. M. lives next to his great Uncle Gilbert. Roxanna M. b 1856 had already left the house.
John OGLETREE Self M Male W 48 GA Farmer GA GA
Harriet E. (Morgan)OGLETREE Wife M Female W 48 GA Keeping House GA GA
Sallie C.OGLETREE Dau S Female W 21 AL GA GA
James OGLETREE Son S Male W 13 AL At Home GA GA
Ophelia OGLETREE Dau S Female W 11 AL GA GA
Ida OGLETREE Dau S Female W 9 AL GA GA
Edmund OGLETREE Son S Male W 7 AL GA GA
Alphonza OGLETREE Son S Male W 5 AL GA GA
(John) Ransom OGLETREE Son M Male W 21 AL Farm Laborer GA GA
Belle OGLETREE DauL M Female W 20 AL GA GA

1860 Mount Olive, Coosa County, Alabama
Thos B Ogletree 24 abt 1836
Emeline F Ogletree 19 abt 1841 Maiden name Wilkinson
M Redmon Daniel Ogletree 1 abt 1859
Sydney W Ogletree 5.12 abt 1860

ii. Martha D. "Patsy" Meadows, born circa 1812, Greene County, Georgia, died before 1873, married 2 December 1832, Lowndes County, Alabama, to Samuel Farris, born circa 1805. They lived in Lowndes County, in 1850, and 1860 with her brother William Meadows. Children 1. Samuel R FARRIS b: 1834 2. Sarah Jane FARRIS b: 18 JAN 1835 in AL 3. Mordecai FARRIS b: 1838 4. Cass Farris

iii. Stephen Meadows, born circa 1813, died before 1850 census --from 1840 Lowndes he is born between 1811 and 1820. Family stories relate that he and his 2 brothers Tom and Gerry died with fever near Lowndesboro, causing his father to leave the lower swamp lands of Lowndes Co and seek north, moving to Tallapoosa Co across the river from the Hardy family in Nixburg, Coosa Co which he had known in Lowndes. Stephen´s only child was Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows who married 1st Robert W. Hardy 28th Sept. 1848 and had 3 sons by him. After he died she married his older brother William Allan Lansing Hardy and had 11 more children.
m. Robert W. Hardy on 28th Sep 1848 in Tallapoosa. Billy Parker wrote, " A grandaughter of Robert ( Alma Adamsom Neighbors) said Robert W. died at age 48 from complications following surgery which was performed on a table in the yard."
1. William L HARDY b: 1849 m. Mary Margaret Townsend b 1 August 1845
2. Daniel Jackson. HARDY b: NOV 1851 in Alabama married Frances E.
3. Robert W. HARDY Jr b: AUG 1853 m Queen Victoria Ingram b JAN 1855 in Randolph Co., AL Daughter of John and Martha Ingram who had moved to Travelers Rest, Coosa by 1870 census.
m. William Allen Lansing HARDY on 10 NOV 1853 in Coosa b: 1827 in Dollar, Coosa County, Alabama 10 Nov 1853 in Coosa County, Alabama
1. Mary Susan HARDY b: ABT 1857/1858
2. Sarah A. HARDY b: 1859 in Cossa Territory, Dollar, Alabama m 3 JAN 1878 George Edward Latiker b: 1851 in Rockford, Coosa
3. Nathan HARDY b: 1864
4. John Richard “Jehu” HARDY b: 1865 m. Martha “Mattie” Sellers
5. Stephen Ransom HARDY b: 30 Oct 1865 in Coosa County, Al died September 28, 1931 Jefferson Co. m. Ada meHerg b. 6 APR 1867 in Coosa Co.,AL on 6 MAR 1884 in Coosa Co.,AL
Child: Willis Archibald, m. Etta Caladonia Meherg 9 Feb 1893 and Emma Lowery
6. Didema HARDY b: 8 Sep 1865 died 14 MAR 1927 in White City, Autauga m 5 NOV 1885 in Coosa Joshua MeHerg b: 4 JAN 1862 in Horsestomp, Coosa
7. Isadora “Doran” HARDY b: 1871
8. Louisa Frances HARDY b: 20 Nov 1872 in Coosa County, Al died July 28,1910 Parkdale Cem m. Thomas Albert MeHerg 21 Oct 1888
9. Allen A HARDY b: 1875
10. Charles HARDY b: 1879
11. Houston Hardy 1881
1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Shelby > Spearman > District 131 precinct 11 13 June 1900
House 142
John R. Hardy head W Male Dec 1865 age 34 widower AL AL AL Farmer rents
Lezinlea? E. dau W Female Dec 1891 age 8 AL
Elbert L. son W M July 1893 6 AL
house 143
Stephen R. Hardy Head W M Oct 1862 37 Married 0 years together
Emma wife W F May 1879 21 Married 0 years together
Willis (William Archibald) son W M February 1886 age 14
Callie dau. W F Feb 1895 age 5 (Etta Caladonia)
Houston brother W M Oct 1881 age 18 single

iv. Mary Meadows, born circa 1809-15, married 23 August 1836-marriage license at Lowndes Cty Courthouse, to Robert L. Dick born in GA, went to AL in the 1830's (land records). Their first two children, Martha and Sarah F. were born in AL. They moved to Union Parish, LA sometime prior to the birth of Ransom Meadows Dick who was born Sept. 24, 1840 in Union Parish. Robert acquired land in Union Parish, farmed and was somewhat influential in the affairs of Union Parish - served on a Police Jury several time, responsible for directing the placement of several roads and bridges in the Parish. Robert was a substantial slave owner according to slave schedules in the county. Family stories (principally from Robert L. Dick's grandson, Robert Ransom Dick who lived and died in AL) is that Robert L. left his family sometime prior to 1860, giving his wife thousands of dollars in gold and 30 slaves to sustain herself and the children. He was in Zandt County, Tx, 1860, showing R.L. Dick, age 51, born GA, listed with William Lauderdale family. Martha and Sarah stayed in Union Parish, but Mary took her young son, Ransom Meadows Dick back to AL to live near her Meadows family. She may have remarried to a Sanders. A woman named Mary Sanders is living with Ransom and has $5000.
1860 Tallapoosa AL House 1477 10 September page 219
Ransom Meadows 73 1786 NC Real Estate $56,680 per. prop. $103,000
Sarah Meadows 70 1789 Georgia
Mary Sanders 50 1809 Georgia per. property $5000
Noly Sanders 35 1824 Georgia
Ransom Meadows Dick served in the Confederate Calvary (military records), then married Nancy Browning Bankston Coosa Co in 1865. She was the daughter of Nancy Browning Hardy Bankston who was the mother of John B. Hardy who married Elizabeth Jane Meadows. Nancy Browning Hardy Bankston was also the mother of Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy who married Milous Meadows and she was the mother of Robert W. Hardy and William Allan Lansing Hardy who both married Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, daughter of Stephen Meadows. So 2 of Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy Bankston´s children married 2 of Ransom´s children and 3 of her children married 2 of his grandchildren .

v. Gilbert Meadows, born 9 December 1818, Alabama, died 26 July 1902, testate, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, married 6 June 1844, Coosa County, Alabama, Rebecca Eden, born circa 1827. They lived in Tallapoosa County, in 1850 and 1860. Gilbert’s will was made 23 June 1902, Tallapoosa County. He left his property to his daughters, Martha A. and Rebecca J. Meadows. Executor was son–in–law, B. W. Richardson. Witnesses: H. H. Milner, D. R. Meadows. 1st married Martha Matilda Snowden Abt. 1842, 2nd married Rebecca Eden daughter of Rev. James G. Eden and wife Harriett on 6 June 1844 in Coosa County, AL; born 1827 in Coosa, AL34; died in Alexandria City, AL -member of the 47th Alabama Company C, buried at Fishpond Cemetery
1850 Tallapoosa, AL census 12th day of Dec ( days after Ransom´s birthday) House 1375
Gilbert Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1818 Alabama
Rebecca Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1827
Sarah H Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1846 Alabama
James R Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1848 Alabama
Martha A Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1839 Alabama
NEXT DOOR-House 1376 Ransom Meadows NOT INDEXED
Runtsum Maddows 63 $4000 farmer NC Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1786
Sarah 59 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1791
Miles 16 GATownship 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1834 Alabama
John W. 7 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1843 Alabama (grandson? Gilbert´s son by a 1st marriage to Martha Matilda Snowden?)

1860 Fishpond, Tallapoosa AL
Gilbert Meadows 43 abt 1817
Rebecca W Meadows 34 abt 1826
Martha A Meadows 14 abt 1846
Sarah H Meadows 13 abt 1847
James R Meadows 11 abt 1849
Susan A Meadows 8 abt 1852
Mary F Meadows 7 abt 1853
Margaret Meadows 6 abt 1854
Rebecca J Meadows 4 abt 1856
Sarah M Meadows 3 abt 1857
Texanna Meadows 1 abt 1859
Ransom Meadows 73 abt 1787
Sarah Meadows 70 abt 1790

1880 Disrict 140, Tallapoosa, Alabama
The family is misindexed-I had to look for a Gilbert without a last name in search.
Gilbert HEADOR Self M Male W 61 AL Farmer GA GA
Rebecca HEADOR Wife M Female W 53 AL Keeping House GA GA
Martha HEADOR Dau S Female W 33 AL AL AL
Jane HEADOR Dau S Female W 23 AL AL AL
Texas HEADOR Dau S Female W 20 AL AL AL
Ardella HEADOR Dau Female W 17 AL AL AL
Gilbert A. HEADOR Son S Male W 15 AL At Home AL AL
Moses S. HEADOR Son S Male W 13 AL At Home AL AL
Charley HEADOR Son S Male W 10 AL At Home AL AL
Royl M. GIBSON Uncle S Male W 58 SC SC SC

1900 Goldbranch, Tallapoosa Co. AL census lists in household:
Meadows Gilbert, age 81, widowed
Martha A., daughter, age 55, single
Rebecker J., daughter, age 43, single
Elias C., son, age 31, single
R. Meadows, grandson, age 9
Jenie Gibson, hirhand, age 29, single

children –some are buried at Primitive pond Babtist Church in Coosa Co AL
by Martha Snowden
1 John W. Milas Meadows b: 17 OCT 1843 in Coosa Co. AL Marriage 1 Martha Henrietta CARTER b: 1 NOV 1846 in GA married: 15 AUG 1865 in AL
By Rebbeca Eden
2 Martha A. 2 APR 1845 - Marriage 1 Justice BROTHER b: 1840 in AL
3 James Ransom Sr, 21 SEP 1848 most all born after Feb.1845 Married the niece of his father's first wife, Mary Harriet SNOWDEN b: 23 FEB 1858 in Meridian, Lauderdale Co. MS.residence Texas 1890
4 Susan Ann, b.14 Feb.,1851, m. james william pemberton 22 JAN 1869 in Tallapoosa Co. AL
5 Sarah Harriet Amy 11 SEP 1846 never married or did she marry Warren Justice?
6 Mary Frances 20 OCT 1852 Marriage 1 Tom CARTER b: 1850 in AL
7 Margaret Ann 26 JUL 1854 m. Richard Thomas MOORE b: 23 DEC 1855 in Talladega Co. AL : 8 DEC 1878 in Tallapoosa Co. AL
8 Rebecca Jane b 1856- never married
9 Jonah Monroe 27 MAY 1858 d. 28 JAN 1935 in Baird, Callahan Co. TX, m. Eliza Jane Tucker b: 19 OCT 1870 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co. AL Married: 21 DEC 1884 in Andrews Chapel, Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co. AL
10 Texana “Texas” 14 NOV 1860 m.. 1 Macajah Y. MEADOWS b: 26 JUL 1859 in Coosa Co. AL in: 1884 in AL
11 Hixie Ardella 22 NOV 1861 d. Jun 1942 in Bay City, Matagorda Co., TX , m Benjamin Washington Richardson 18 Dec 1881 in AL 1900 Goldbranch, Tallapoosa Co. AL census
Hixie states she had 10 children with nine living . They moved to TX in 1907/8 from rural Alexander City, Tallapoosa County, AL. Both are buried in old cemetery in Sweeny, Brazoria County, TX.(Bobbie Spiegel, on the Coastal Bend of TX)
12 Gilbert A. Middleton Jr, 3 FEB 1864
13 Moses Sherill 14 FEB 1866
14 Charles Elias 16 MAY 1869 in Coosa Co. AL

vi. William Meadows, born 30 January 1821, Alabama, died 7 September 1882, Lowndes County, Alabama, married 16 August 1842, Angeline Virginia McClendon, born 30 August 1821, died 22 November 1863.Children 1. Alfonzo MEADOWS b: 1843 in Alabama 2.Ransom MEADOWS 18 JUN 1846 in Lowndes Al 3. Eugenia MEADOWS b: 1848 in Alabama 4. Sarah A MEADOWS b: 1851 in Alabama
1850 Lowndes County, AL Census
33 951 951 Meadows William 30 M Planter 1,600 Ala
Meadows Angeline 29 F Georgia
Meadows Alfonzo 7 M Ala
Meadows Ransom 4 M Ala (18 June 1846)
Meadows Eugenia 2 F

1860 Tallapoosa AL Haywood PO
Wm Meadows 39 M farmer $15,435 Ala
Angeline Meadows 38 F Georgia
Alfonzo Meadows 16 M Ala
Ransom Meadows 12 M Ala (18 June 1846)
Ugenia Meadows 11 F Ala
Sarah Meadows 9 F Ala
Samuel Farris 55 M SC $4,120
Martha Farris 47 F GA
M D Farris 24 farmer M Ala (18 June 1846)
Edmund Harrison 55 M Commission Merchant total $500,000 VA
Jane Harrison 55 F SC
Harriette Irwin 16 F Texas

vii. Elias Meadows, born 18 February 1823, Alabama, died 14 May 1891, Polk County, Texas, married 7 June 1846, Coosa County, Alabama, to Susan Antoinette Towns, born 29 August 1829, died 6 July 1906, Polk County, Texas. Elias and Susan came to Texas after 1850. As Susan's father died in 1855 and her mother followed in 1862, it is probable they came during that time- ! My gggrandfather Elias Meadows came to Moscow Polk County, Texas abt. 1853. Elias came with his father-In-law Bartlett Towns. They came from Tallapoosa county, Alabama. I don't have any information on a Richard Gipson who married Mahala Meadows. [contact link] ” “ELIAS AND SUSAN TOWNS MEADOWS WERE BURRIED IN THE ABBOT CEMENTARY WHICH IS NORTH OF CORRIGAN, TEXAS ON HWY 287. TURN RIGHT AT OLD ASIA ON A DIRT ROAD GO ABOUT ONE MILE TURN RIGHT AGAIN FOR ABOUT 2OO YARDS.”
Children 1. Bartlett Ransom Meadows b: 28 APR 1847 in Coosa County, Al 2. Sarah Elizabeth Meadows b: 3 NOV 1848 in Coosa County, Al 3. twins Sarah Meadows, born 1850, 10 March 1850 Coosa County, Alabama d. March 15, 1850 and unknown Meadows, born 11 March 1851. Coosa County, Alabama; d. March 12, 1851 4. Lucy Jane Meadows b: 26 MAR 1852 in Livingston, Polk County, Texas 5. William Jefferson Meadows b: 19 AUG 1854 in Sumpter, Polk County, Texas 6. Georgiann Virginia Meadows b: 7 DEC 1856 in Sumpter, Polk County, Texa 7. Henrietta Amison Meadows b: 14 JAN 1860 in Sumpter, Polk County, Texas 8. Priscilla Antonet Meadows b: 29 DEC 1862 in Sumpter, Polk County, Texas 9. Mary Eliza Meadows b: 7 OCT 1865 in Sumpter, Polk County, Texas

viii. Early (Richard) Moses Meadows, born 1825, Alabama, died 7 September 1892, Coosa County, Alabama, married Didema Peebles Hogan, born 5 December 1833, on 15 DEC 1847 at age 14 years and 10 days in Coosa Co. AL, , died 10 November 1912, daughter of Alonzo Hogan. Moses Meadows lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, in 1850. He lived in Coosa County, Alabama, in 1860, 1870, and 1880. Successful farmer in Fishpond area. Married Dec 16, 1847 Diadema Peeples Hogan b. 5 DEC 1833 in Montgomery Co., Al when she was only just a few days 14 years old- Had slaves, many crops, cattle and operated a grist and syrup mill. Large land holdings. Most noted that his dwellings were well constructed. He loved children and was even tempered, kind and generous. (Jim Meadows) Children 1. Emanuel Martin MEADOWS 2. Moses MEADOWS , Jr. 3. Daniel Ransom MEADOWS b: 26 MAY 1849 in Coosa Co. AL 4. William Malcome MEADOWS b: 1 MAR 1851 in Coosa Co. AL 5. John Thomas MEADOWS b: 1855 in Coosa Co. AL 6.Martha Frances MEADOWS b: 6 AUG 1858 in Fishpond, Coosa Co. AL 7. Macajah Y. MEADOWS b: 26 JUL 1859 in Coosa Co. AL 8. Sarah Ann MEADOWS b: 1861 in Coosa Co. AL 9. Benjamin MEADOWS b: 1863 in Coosa Co. AL 10. Charles Frank MEADOWS b: 15 SEP 1866 in Coosa Co. AL 11. Didema Hogan MEADOWS b: 15 SEP 1870 in Coosa Co. AL 12. Mary Browning MEADOWS b: 1874 in Coosa Co
1850 Tallapoosa, AL Moses Meadows house 1383, not far from parents
Moses Maddoux Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1825 Alabama
Dedeamy P Maddoux Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1832 Al
Daniel R Maddoux Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt abt 1849 Al

ix. Elizabeth Meadows, born April 1827, married 1st 24 June 1844 in Tallapoosa AL by Simson Goolsby clerk to John B. Hardy b 1825 Edgefield SC, son of Robert Hardy and Nancy Peebles Browning of Nixburg, Coosa AL, They had Robert R. Hardy born 1845 who died by 1900 census. John B. Hardy died 1865-1868 according to family notes. 2nd marriage Elizabeth married James Madison Bankston b. 1815 Spartanburg SC. He was the son of Joseph and Agnes Bankston of Spartanburg SC. He had been married to Elizabeth´s 1st husband´s mother -Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy and had had one child by her: Nancy Browning Bankston who married Ransom Meadows Dick who was a grandchild of Ransom Meadows. James M. Bankston may have divorced Nancy in order to marry Elizabeth, or he may have waited till Nancy P. Browning Hardy Bankston died on March 30, 1870. They appear together as man and wife in June of 1870 Shelby census. In 1900 Elizabeth Jane Meadows Hardy Bankston claims to have been married 35 years, but maybe she was counting both marriages.-
1850 Census 8 October 1850 Coosa District, Coosa, Alabama
House 608
John B. HARDY 25 SC Farmer 1500
Elizabeth 23 AL
Robert 5 AL
Bankston Joseph 58 SC Bapt. clergh 360
Agnes 53 GA
Amanda 17 GA
Louisa 14
Lanier 11
Joseph 9 GA
House 1121.
Bankston Madison 35 GA 500
Nancy 45 GA
Nancy 3 AL died 1915 in Marshall Co, She probably inherited land from her father James Madison Bankston and his second wife Elizabeth Meadows Hardy Bankston who was also her sister in law and step mother. Nancy Browning Bankston´s half brother was John B. Hardy to who Elizabeth Meadows had been married. (Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy married James Madison Bankston 11 January 1846. She is the widow of Robert Hardy of Edgefield SC who d.1843 Coosa Co. and is buried at Fishpond Primitive Church)

1860 United States Federal Census 16 June 1860> Alabama >Coosa >Southern Division
house 187 page 26 Post Office: Rockford
J B Hardy Planter 36 SC Male Real Estate $13,500 Per.$15,000
E Hardy Housewife 31 Alabama Female
R R Hardy 14 Alabama Male

1870 June -United States Federal Census >Alabama >Jefferson >Township 18 Range 1
House 16 page 3 Cedar Grove
J. M. Bankston 55 Farmer (divourced husband of Nancy Browning Hardy)
Elizabeth Bankston age 45 AL (widow/? divourced of John B. Hardy)
Agnes Bankston 75 SC (widow of Joseph Bankston)

1880 United States Federal Census >Georgia >Polk >Cedartown >District 169
J.M. BANKSTON Self M Male W 65 SC Farming SC SC
Elizabeth BANKSTON Wife M Female W 54 AL Keeping House AL AL
Source Information: Census Place Cedartown, Polk, Georgia

1900 United States Federal Census >Alabama >Marshall >Albertville >District 83
House 255 sheet 15 and page 40 A 16th June
James. M. Bankston head white male June 1815 75 married 35 years SC SC SC Farmer can read and write
Elizabeth Bankston wife white female April 1827 75 married 35 years gave birth to 1 child 0 children alive AL GA GA can read but cannot write

x. Milous Meadows, [also spelled Milas/Miles] born 23 August 1834, died 28 March 1926, married: 1 OCT 1853 in Coosa Co to Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy, born 8 February 1836, died 10 May 1921. Daughter of Robert Hardy and Nancy Browning of Nixburg, Coosa, AL. Milous served in Company 1, 61st Alabama Infantry, C.S.A. Children 1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows 1859 2. Sarah "Sallie" Meadows b: 1866 in Coosa Co., Al 3. Ransom Meadows b: 1867 in Coosa Co., Al (Ransom was 1880, 1910, 1920: NIXBURG, COOSA,AL)Milous is buried 1926 Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Fishpond, Coosa Co. AL 1850 Township 23, Tallapoosa, Al , : 1860 Southern Division, Coosa, Al , 1880, 1900, 1920 Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
1920 Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Meadows, Miles Nixburg, Coosa, AL 1834 Alabama White
Meadows, Rance Nixburg, Coosa, AL 1867 Alabama White
Meadows, Rance Nixburg, Coosa, AL 1881 Alabama White
Meadows, Vasti Nixburg, Coosa, AL 1859 Alabama White

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