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Updated Nov 23, 2020


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1604 - 1669
1656 - 1656
1713 - 1779
1772 - 1864
1788 - 1853
1789 - 1877
1795 - 1885
1796 - 1898
1798 - 1875

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1875 - Unknown
Feb 23, 1915 - Mar 7, 2011
Sep 10, 1895 - January 1986
Oct 22, 1892 - December 1965
Jun 20, 1893 - September 1986
Jun 27, 1937 - Jan 11, 2008
Oct 2, 1888 - September 1975
May 18, 1897 - Jun 13, 1990
Mar 9, 1912 - Aug 24, 2004
Jun 22, 1899 - April 1974
Feb 15, 1896 - January 1969
May 4, 1929 - Apr 20, 1999
Dec 6, 1875 - June 1972
Dec 18, 1898 - Dec 4, 1989
c. 1986 - Unknown
c. 1955 - Unknown
c. 1948 - Unknown
1869 - 1871
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1912 - Unknown

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69.8 years

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Mar 17, 1876 - December 1991
115 years
Jul 24, 1858 - July 1969
110 years
Apr 24, 1904 - May 2, 2011
107 years
Dec 19, 1880 - Oct 20, 1987
106 years
Jan 18, 1874 - January 1981
106 years
October 1865 - November 1971
106 years
Mar 6, 1906 - May 8, 2011
105 years
Jul 5, 1900 - Oct 27, 2005
105 years
Oct 7, 1870 - May 1976
105 years
Apr 13, 1894 - May 8, 1999
105 years

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Michele Waples
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Story of Duncan Brother’s coming to America
As told by Evelyn Ruth Duncan Shockey
25 June 2001, submitted by grand-daughter Michele L. (Waples) Mesenbrink

This legend some fact, a lot of it handed down through the generations. Scotland was full of Duncan’s. During the mid 1800’s there were 7 brothers, one family of brothers. All stalwart young men. They were hunters and tradesmen. They decided they would be better off to come to America. Maybe find some of that gold that was supposed to be lying under the trees and in the streams and places. So they immigrated to America.
I don’t know where they landed. Chances are it was around New York or somewhere. They decided they would do better to seek their fortunes singly instead of going in a whole group. So they got themselves their ponies and got mounted and rode off into different directions.
The one fellow, I think his name was Thomas eventually worked around for a while and met and married a young woman. I think her name was ROBISON/ROBSON, something like that. They settled in Indiana. They had a family of children. When she died giving birth to this little boy, the youngest of the clan and the youngest baby of course., Because mother died giving him life. The father was real distraught. After the funeral things were all done, he mounted his horse and rode away for a day. Then he came back and told the children to pack up their little individual possessions. They didn’t have very many things, a couple changes of clothes maybe or one change and 2 or 3 little prize trinkets.
He had found homes for them in the settlement. And he took the children around to the different places that he had arranged for them to live there and left them with, well we’d say neighbors, but at that time they were quite a ways apart and was pretty heavily wooded area. The oldest daughter was probably 15 or 16 or so and the little baby were left together at one home. And the other children were sorted out to different homes. Then father, Thomas DUNCAN, got on his horse and rode away. They never did hear from him again. So the little boy grew up with his sister looking after him. They all had good homes.
But then eventually he, the baby, married and they moved to Kansas and homesteaded in the Bucks Grove vicinity near Westmoreland. This little boy grew up to be my grandfather, George Washington DUNCAN.
I just remember him vaguely. He was a tall guy with a great big white mustache. He died on my 3rd birthday. We have never ever been able to get any information on his father. The trail just ended. We don’t know whether he integrated into an Indian tribe or whether he fell off his horse and was killed or whether wild animals got him. It was pretty rugged territory back then, so we never knew what happened. All these years people have been trying to locate more information about him and find his relatives, but they can’t find him/them.

Story about Cloa HALLOCK
By Evelyn Ruth Duncan Shockey
25 June 2001

This was a long time ago when people were coming out to Kansas to settle. This young woman, her name was HALLOCK and she had trained or studied to be a school teacher. She wanted desperately to teach school. She came out from Illinois, I think, with her parents in a covered wagon. She carried her bunch of little books. She had some paper and some treasured slates and a couple of bibles and 2 or 3 other books. She felt very rich because she did have some books. She wanted to teach school. After they got settled in their little home, she asked her mother, how would she get to school. Her mother said, you might pray about it. So she prayed desperately for a school to teach. So she could be the teacher. And her mother said one day, I think you are praying wrong. I think you should pray for pupils to come to you so you could teach them.
In the meantime, her father had gotten together with the neighbors and they went across the valley to where there was an outcropping of limestone rock on the hillside. This rock when it was first uncovered it was very soft and malable and could be cut with a saw into building blocks. She woke up one morning and she heard axes and saws and things going on. She went outdoors. She could see across the valley. She could see a group of men working on the hillside. She couldn’t think what was going on.
And then after a little bit there was a hammering on the cabin door. There was a bunch of kids standing there. One child says, “teacher we come to go to school.” The other one said, “we didn’t have many books, only a Bible. We brang the Bible. Mama said we had to take care of it because it all the world’s wisdom in it. It’s a wise book. We got to take care of it.” And another little girl said, “I brought a piece of corn cone and Mama wrapped it up in a piece of cloth for me so it would stay nice for my lunch.” Well she was flabbergasted but here came the kids wanting to go to school. So she and her mother brought them inside and they arranged places for them to sit around the stove; a box of wooden chunks and anything they could drag in for them to sit on. She was very happy she started her little school. That evening she and her mom worked on the attic and they got it fixed up so they could use it for a schoolroom. It was fairly warm because the fireplace went up through the attic. And then she found out that her dad and the neighbors had gotten together and were hewing out rocks to build a schoolhouse. That was the beginning of, I think, District 53. We called it the ‘Little Rock School’. George, Orval, Evelyn, Joseph, and Theordore Duncan, all went to school there.
I don’t know if it is still there. My grandmother was the first school teacher there. It was just a little hand built rock school and they had built a little wooden front to it to have a little place to hang coats and a shelf to put their lunch buckets. We had to take our lunch buckets in and set them around the stove in the winter because they were frozen solid otherwise. I thought it was an interesting story.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Sandra Duncan
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Rev. S. B. O. Prickett 1867
Rev. T. M. Hartley 1868
Rev. John N. Eckess 1872-73
Rev. Hanning Foggy 1873-74
Rev. Charles Hugh 1895
Rev. Henry Strader
Rev. Rennix Weese
Rev. Funk 1908
Rev. T. J. Lewis 1913
Rev. Shackleford 1914
Rev. Robert L. Greynolds1916-17
Rev. Rogers 1919
Rev. Thompson
Rev. Otto Mitchell 1921
Rev. William Rorke 1923
Rev. Harris
Rev. Elias C. Bedford
Rev. Isaac E. Lewis 1928-29
Rev. J. C. Allender
Rev. Don Nichols 1930
Rev. A. J. Rennick 1935-36-37
Rev. Shawyer
Rev. Karl Scott 1940
Rev. O. M. Botts 1947
Rev. R. E. Hiller 1946-47
Rev. Sidney Lowe 1950-51
Rev. Ben McKee 1952
Rev. Charles Hanna 1953
Rev. J. F. Bennett 1953
Rev. Wayne Daugherty
Rev. Gilbert Hart 1957-58
Rev. James Turley 1959
Rev. James Karnes 1961
Rev. Verl Butcher 1963-64
Rev. S. L. Green 1965-68
Rev. Denzil Moore 1968-

I sreal Methodist Church - how could I forget?
S o many childhood memories - remain with me yet.
R emembering those happy Sundays - going to church was great,
A nd my father, “Little Emmet”, saw that we were seldom late!
E ver ride in a surrey? With fringe on the top?
L ucky kids were we! Thar privilege meant a lot!

M aking friends, learning too, was our Sunday chore,
E ach one of us knew loving care. Who could ask for more?
T he sermon, sometimes lengthy, especially for a child,
H ow did we react? We didn't act wild!
O h! Those social activities, that were held now and then,
D id we get excited? Mom! Dad! Where? When?
I ce Cream Socials - held under the trees,
S pecial home-made ice cream! Mmm! More please!
T he one I recall, embarrassed Dad. Oh how funny!

'C ause George, my younger brother, loudly yelled, “Out of money!”
H ow can such a small church still thrive and grow?
U nder God's helping care, friends, and members make it so.
R emember our cherished loved ones, in their graves near by,
C ontinue their watchful vigil under God's blue sky -
H elping to keep fond memories, of the years gone by.

(Georgia Rice Harper)

Seventy years ago in the winter time we had revival meetings for three or four weeks in the evenings or often at 10 a.m.
Members coming by horseback, sleds, or walking would attend from Kerens, Montrose, Gilman, and over on Cheat River.
Mrs. Hannah Parsons, wearing her long black riding skirt, would ride horseback from over on Cheat River. She would often shout during the services.
At revival meeting time the children would go to school in the day. Often, they were excused for the morning service, returning to the Ivy Hill school for classes the remainder of the day and then back to church in the evening.
One could see the lights from lanterns coming in all directions long before they arrived at the church.
We would have preaching at 11 a.m.,Sunday School at 2 p.m., and Epworth League at 7 p.m. each Sunday.
In the summer we had Sunday School picnics and other picnics. For the dinner we had homemade bread, cakes, apple pie, fried chicken, slaw, potato salad, apple sauce, pickles, lemonade, and watermelon.

Sunday School superintendents were Luther Skidmore, Gilbert Skidmore, Joseph Rice, Lewis Wilmoth, and Morgan Pierce.
Class leaders were Emmert Buckey “Big” Vanscoy, Lewis Vanscoy, and Joseph Rice.
Song Leaders: Jackson Rennex, Joseph Rice, and Morgan Pierce.


1893 The first wedding performed in the church was Cicero Douglas and Angeline M. Vanscoy.
May 2, 1901 Dawson Chenoweth and Viola Skidmore
Arthur Cross and Grace Vanscoy
Dec.24, 1940
Clair Poling and Ruth Daft
Joseph Rice and Jean Barb
March 29, 1953
William Workman, Jr. and Alma Canfield
June 22, 1953
Edward Swecker and Ida Mae Canfield
Oct. 10, 1958
Kenneth Kalar and Gail Smith
Feb, 20, 1965
Mortice Pigman and Martha Canfield
Aug. 18, 1968
Allen King and Caroline Sue Knotts
June 21, 1969
Harry Canfield and Beverly Stewart
July 15, 1971
Donald Canfield and Barbara Yeager
Jan 23, 2003 · Reply
Sandra Duncan
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This all came about when I placed a drawing of the Israel Methodist Church on the Hicks web site at My Family. After my brother Ben saw it he asked where it was and if it was still a working church. Shortly after that My cousin Carol Lewis Costa sent me the pamphlet along with several photos of the church and pews. Well, I figured the easiest way to share this pamphlet was to retype it myself, There was wonderful interruption after interruption but it is finished at last. It is typed a exactly as I could manage even to the point of some typos like incorrect spellings for Sylvester and some others, but as I really did not know if some names WERE misspelled or not, I just typed everything as is.
I am fascinated with everything West Virginia. And typing this gave me an excellent opportunity to really read and absorb what it had to say. It gives names I am familiar with as being connected to West Virginia along with names that are heavily connected to my own family tree like Vanscoy and Wilmoth.
This pamphlet also gives the names of some of the first church members as well as the dates of certain improvements and costs.
This has been a further labor of love. And I hope you enjoy it!

February 17, 2002 (9:59am)
Jan 23, 2003 · Reply
Sandra Duncan
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Page 314

This Indenture made this sixteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-five between Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife of the County of Randolph in the State of Virginia of the one part and Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cu[o]berly, Jacob Vanscoy trustees in trust for the use and purpose here in after mentioned all of the County of Randolph in the State of Virginia aforesaid of the other part. that the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of five Dollars in___ to them in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these present The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained sold released confirmed and conveyed and by these presents doth give grant bargain sell release confirm and convey unto the said Jacob S1agle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, Jacob Vanscoy and their successors Trustees in Trust for the use and purpose hereinafter mentioned and declare all the estate with title interest property claim and demand whatsoever either in law Equity which be the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife hath into or upon all and singular a certain lot or piece of land situated lying and being in the county of Randolph and state aforesaid bounded on as follows to wit beginning at a white oak near the road running south 88 East eleven poles to a stake North 2 east 15 poles to a white oak North 88 West 11 poles to a white oak south two west 15 poles to the beginning continuing and laid off for one acre of land together with all and singular this house woods water and appurtenances then belonging or in any wise pertaining to have and to hold all and singular the above mentioned and discurbed tract or parcel of land Situated lying and being as aforesaid togather with all and Singular the house the woods water wais and privilage there to belonging or in any wise appertaining unto these the said Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, John Vanscoy and there successors in office for use in Trust that they shall erect and build or cause to be erected and built there a house or place of Worship for the use of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America according_____ and disciplin which from time may be agreed upon and adopted by the ministers and preachers of the Said Church at the general conferance in the United States of America and in further trust and confidence that they shall at all times forever hereafter permit such minister and preacher belonging to the Said Church as shall from time to time be duely authorized by the general conferance of the minister and preacher of the said Methodist Episcipal Church or by the annual conference authorized by the said general conference to preach and _____ Gods Holy word there in and tu further trust and comprise that as often as any one or more of the trustees here to fore mentioned Shall die or sease to be a member a member of the said Church according to the rules and disciplin as foresaid then and in such case it


shall be the duty of the stationed minister or preacher can as aforesaid who shall have the pastorial charge of the members of the said Church to call a meeting of the remaining trustees as soon as convinuntly may be and when so met the said minister or preacher shall present to nominate one or more persons to fill the place or places of him or them whose office or offices has been vacated as aforesaid provided the person or persons so nominated shall have been a member or members of the Said Church immediately preceeding such nominations and be at least twenty_one years of age and this said trustee so shall proceed to Elect and by a majority of votes appoint the person or persons so nominated to fill such vacancy or vacancies in order to keep up the number of five trustees forever and in case of an equal number of votes for and against the said nomination the stationed minister or preacher shall have the casting vote and this said Jacob Vanscoy and Catherine his wife doth by this present now and forever define all and singular the before mentions and described lot or place of land with the appurtenances there to belonging and to them this said Jacob Slagle, John Vanscoy, George W. Renix, Joseph Cuberly, Jacob Vanscoy and there successor and appointed as aforesaid from the claim or claims of him the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catherine his wife their heirs and _____and from the claim or claims of all persons what ever in testimony where of the said Jacob Vanscoy and Catharine his wife have hereto let there hand and seal this day and year aforesaid sealed and delivered in presence of us

Jacob Vanscoy (seal)
Katharine Vanscoy (seal)

Received the day of date of the above written_____ consideration there in mentioned in full.


Rev. S. B. D. Prickett, Pastor

1867 Alpheus Skidmore, Class Leader

Alpheus Skidmore, Susan Rice,Louise Piercy, Angeline Skidmore, Martha Hart, Mahala Piercy, Jacob Vanscoy, Catherine Gilmore, Nancy Piercy, Elizabeth Vanscoy Sarah Vanscoy Hamilton Taylor
Emmert Vanscoy Maxwell Rennix Elizabeth Taylor
Lucenda Vanscoy Sarah Rennix Rebecca J. Vanscoy
Ellis Vanscoy John Wilmoth Francis M. Corrick
Margaret Vanscoy Delilah Wilmoth Joshua Vanscoy
Monroe Vanscoy Anna Wilmoth Margaret Vanscoy
Susan Vanscoy Daniel Wilmoth Angina Hart
Rachel Vanscoy Nancy Wilmoth Elias Ferguson
Emily Vanscoy Sarah Wilmoth Margaret Ferguson
Henry M. Vanscoy Jacob Hart Priscilla Canfield
Catherine Vanscoy Jacob S. Vanscoy Rebecca Wilmoth
Agnes Vanscoy Lucretia Hixe Alcendia Wilmoth
Jehu Wilmoth John Vanscoy Blinda Canfield
Rachel Wilmoth Harriet Vanscoy Susan Hansford
Pantha Denton Bungan Wilmoth Hannah Parsons
John Rice Lucretia Piercy Margaret Wilmoth


Delilah Vanscoy Virginia Dinkle Worthington Schoonover
Ann Wilmoth Elizabeth Gilmore Ellen Wilmoth
Eli Smith Oliver Schoonover David Gilmore
L. Denton Elis Gilmore W. S. Vanscoy
Hannah Vanscoy Asbury Stalnaker Arron Vanscoy
Samtha Denton Anna Smith
Manville Dinkle Pery Schoonover
Jan 23, 2003 · Reply
Sandra Duncan
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Rev. Jno. N. Eckess
Arnold Wilmoth
Lewis W. Vanscoy
Luther M. Skidmore

Rev. Hanning Foggy
Jemima Schoonover
Ellen Wilmoth
Susanna Schoonover

Jan. 20, 1874, List for Probationers
Charles W. Rice Wesley Dunken Levi Wilmoth
Mary Rice Mary E. Parsons Delila Ferguson
J. L. Phillips Samuel W. Aquila Gilmore
Clark Kelly Mary J. Smith


Rev. Hanning Foggy, Pastor

Alpheus Skidmore Santha Denton Piery Schoonover
Angeline Skidmore Margaret Vanscoy Worth Schoonover
Jehu Wilmoth Emily Vanscoy W. S. Vanscoy
Margaret Wilmoth Arnold Wlmoth John Rice
Jacob Vanscoy Rachel Wilmoth Susan Rice
Elis Vanscoy Sarah Vanscoy S. C. Schoonover
Sarah Rennix John Wilmoth Jash Vanscoy
John M. Vanscoy Daniel C. Wilmoth Margaret Vanscoy
Sarah C. Vanscoy Nancy Wilmoth Rebecca J. Vanscoy
Lewis W. Vanscoy Jacob S. Vanscoy Susan Hansford
E. B. Vanscoy Almeda J. Vanscoy H. S. Taylor
Lucinda Vanscoy Lucretia Hicks Elis Taylor
Ellis Vanscoy Dorah Hicks O. D. Schoonover
Mary Vanscoy A. Stalnaker Ellen Schoonover
Agnes Vanscoy Eli Smith Laura Vanscoy
Arron Vanscoy Ann Smith A. J. Mustoe
Monroe Vanscoy Luther M. Skidmore
uther M. Skidmore b. 1854 d. 1934
at the age of 80
married to a Mary J. Unknown
b. 1859-1942
(age 83)
February 13, 2002
Hannah Vanscoy Jemima Schoonover


Charles H. Rice Wesely Duncan Levi N. Wilmoth
Mary J. Rice Mary E. Parsons Emmeline Wilmoth
J. L. Phillips Samuel W. Gainer Delila Ferguson
Clarke Kelly Mary J. Smith Aquilla Gilmore

Probationers, Jan.1, 1876

Eligah R. Skidmore David Tuttle Lemuel Rice
Rebecca Smith Isaac L. Taylor

Believe this is
William Stephen Van Scoy
b. November 08, 1853; Randolph Co WV
d. March 20, 1937; Randolph Co,WV
son of William Vanscoy and Sarah Hart

In early 1930 a marble slab was placed over the cemetery gate
by Joseph R. Rice with this inscription:

In memory of Israel Church
Israel Cemetery
First built in 1845 - Rebuilt in 1891

One class book that Georgia (Rice) Harper has dated 1884-1898, the class leaders were Alpheus Skidmore, Jacob Vanscoy, and Peyton P. Lang; the assistant leader, Joseph R. Rice.

Alpheus Skidmore Lounena Mustoe Dorsey Taylor
Angeline Skidmore Alice Skidmore Lewis Smith
Joseph Vanscoy Lounena Vanscoy Eva Ramsey
Elizabeth Vanscoy Catherine Mustoe I. L.
John M. Vanscoy George B. Skidmore D. A. Harper
Lewis W. Vanscoy Mary E. Skidmore Ellen Wilmoth
Sarah C. Taylor T. A. Denton Emmett B. Vanscoy
Emmett Vanscoy Herbert Mustoe Asbury Stalnaker
Samtha Denton Sarah Jett Mary J. Isner
Delila Coberly M. E. Wilmoth Joshua Vanscoy
Margaret Vanscoy Alice Martin Idella Mustoe
Emily Vanscoy Baker Wilmoth Mary B. Rice
Arnold Wilmoth A. C. Wilmoth A. Bruce Vanscoy
Rachel Wilmoth Mary E. Wilmoth Lacy Taylor
Sarah Vanscoy George Vanscoy Ira Digman
Jacob S. Vanscoy Eli Daniels Morgan Pierce
Almeda Vanscoy Joseph Rice Virginia Vanscoy
Lucratia Hicks Emmett A. Vanscoy David Lang
Anna Smith Delphia C. Wilmoth Hickson Wilmoth
John Rice Wm C. Taylor Lucy J. Skidmore
Susan Rice Bryan J. Wlmoth Mary Collett
C. H. Isner Edward Smith Tacy Smith
C. C. Schoonover Gilbert Skidmore Wm. M. Glasscock
Susan Hansford Julia Denton Martha Glasscock
Hamilton Taylor Rennix B. Vanscoy Delphia Martin
Elizabeth Taylor Albert Hicks Cora Skidmore
Laura Vanscoy Payton Lang Jennie Wilmoth
Rebecca Smith Savanna Moore French Wilmoth
L. C. Rice Marion Butcher Alice Vanscoy
Rebecca Dick Delphia Vanscoy Myrtle Kelly
E. W. Coberly Louisa Coberly Martha Vanscoy
Laura Phares Nancy Kelley Mollie Vanscoy
Anna Vanscoy Adaline Wilmoth John M. Vanscoy
C. Grace Vanscoy Celia Gainor Anna Douglas
1933 - CLASS LEADER - J. R. Rice
R. C. Arbogast
Ida Arbogast
Walter Borror
Luella Borror
Opal Borror
Lahoma Borror
(Blank) Brooks
(Blank) Brooks
Howard Brooks
Margaret Brooks
Edna Bodkin
Rosa Bodkin
Marceline Canfield
LU Canfield
Junior Canfield
Virgil Canfield
Woodrow Canfield
Beulah (Bright) Canfield
Bernard Canfield
Beltron Canfield
Jessie Canfield
Lena Coffman
Dow Coffman
Grace Cross
Geneva Cross
Elizabeth Cross
Beulah Corley
Thomas Corley
Eva Cooper
Jonas Cooper
Truman Ferguson
Effie Ferguson
Gladys Ferguson
R. A. Fretwell
Berdie Fretwell
Carroll Fretwell
Mrs. Charley Hart
Lucebia Hart
Bell Hart
Charlie Harper
Roella Harper
Leslie Harper
(Blank) Hedrick
William Hedrick
Reva Hedrick
Mary Hedrick
Floyd Harper
Troy Jones
Roy Jones
Ralph Jones
Cora Jones
Ora Jones
Russie Lang
Thelma Lang
Elizabeth Lang
Marvin Lang
H. B. Goff
Mildred Goff
Daisy Goff
Bryan Gainer
Winnie Mallow
Ray Mallow
Sadie Mallow
Leecy C. Phillips
E. P. Phares
Mrs. E. P. Phares
George Powers
Joseph R. Rice
Mollie Rice
Charles A. Rice
Ann Rice
Mittie Rice
Ida Ramsey
Harry Smith
Dorothy Smith
Cora Simmons
Mrs. E. Scott
Luther Skidmore
Mary Jane Skidmore
Kenneth Shiflet
Ezra Teets
Mrs. Ezra Teets
John Thompson
Mrs. John Thompson
Charles Teets
R. B. Vanscoy
Alice Vanscoy
Delphia Vanscoy
John I . Vanscoy
Gladys Vanscoy
Virgil Vanscoy
Delbert Vanscoy
Winnie Vanscoy
Irene Vanscoy
Stephen Vanscoy
Ethel Waybright
Martha Waybright
Jessie Waybright
Orlan Wilmoth
Iva Wilmoth
Pauline Wilmoth
Eva Wilmoth
Cora Wilmoth
Beulah Wilmoth
A. L. Wilmoth
Arthur Wilmoth
Florence Wilmoth
Lewis D. Wilmoth
Julia Wilmoth
Wilbur Kerens
Grace Kerens
Lelah Kerens
Owen Kerens
Freda Kerens
Effie Kerens
Gladys Kerens
Irene Kerens
To whom it may concern:
The record of Israel Methodist Church have been lost for a number of years and all efforts to recover them have been in vain. Thus the official Church Board of Israel on March 17, 1953, made every endeavor to establish an accurate Membership Record. There may be omissions due to the fact that we had to rely on memory of many of the older church members in the community. If there are any errors or omissions, we will be more than glad to correct them.
Charles R. Hanna, Pastor
Alma Canfield, Secretary
Mrs. Mittie Daft
June Kisner
Mrs. Ruth Sell, Pres., W. S. C. S.
Mrs. Rosa Bodkin, S. S. Treas.
Mrs. Winnie Vanscoy
Mrs. Gladys V. Curtis, Supt.
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Sandra Duncan
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Mrs. Rosa Bodkin Mrs. Beulah Jones
Mr. Howard Brooks Mr. Kenneth Kerns
Mr. Beltron B. Canfield Miss Marevea Kerens
Mrs. Jessie Canfield Miss June Kisner
Mr. Bernard Canfield Miss Mae Kisner
Miss Alma Canfield Miss Kitty Kisner
Mr. Loyal D. Canfield Mrs. Effie Kerns
Mr. John Canfield Mr. Emmett Kerns
Miss Martha Canfield Mrs. Grace Kerns
Mrs. Beulah Canfield Mrs. Eula Marchant
Mr. Woodrow Canfield Miss Katherine Marchant
Mrs. Gladys Curtis Miss Mary Marchant
Mrs. Mittie Daft Mr. Harry Smith
Mr. Robert Daft Mrs Dorothy Smith
Mrs. Betty Harshbarger Miss Gail Smith
Mrs. Evelyn Jones Mr. Howard E. Smith
Mr. Delbert Jones Mrs. Winnie Vanscoy
Mr. Tommy Jones Mrs. Alice Vanscoy
Mr. Troy Jones


Mr. Hansel Bland Mrs Helen Collett
Mrs. Josephine Bland Mrs. Macy Canfield
Mr. Robert Bland Miss Betty Gifford
Miss Carolyn Bland Mrs. Betty Harsh barger
Mr. Roger Bland Mr. Donald Joe Jones
Miss Ida Mae Canfield Mr. Leonard Kerns
Miss Gwendolyn Canfield Miss Sue Purkey
Miss Judith Ann Canfield Mrs. Martha Ellen Roy
Mr. Harry Shirley Canfield Mrs. Dora Sturms
Mr. Austin C. Curtis Mrs. Winifred S. Tacy

1. Mrs. Rosa Bodkin 21. Mr. Roy Jones
2. Mr. Randall Bodkin 22. Mrs. Evelyn Jones
3. Miss Sharon Bohon 23. Mr. Kenneth Kalar
4. Mr. Beltron Canfield 24. Mrs. Gail Kalar
5. Mrs. Jessie Canfield 25. Mrs. Mae Kalar
6. Mrs. Ada Canfield 26. Mrs. Eula Marchant
7. Mr Hestel Canfield 27. Mr. Harry Smith
8. Mrs. Louise Canfield 28. Mrs,. Dorothy Smith
9. Miss Mona Canfield 29. Mr. Howard E. Smith
10. Mr. Gary Canfield 30. Mrs. Ruth Sell
11. Mr. Harry Gene Canfield 31. Mr. Alvin Sell
12. Mr. Donald Canfield 32. Mr. Garland Rinehrt
13. Mrs. Martha Digman 33. Mrs. Winnie Vanscoy
14. Mrs. Anna Daetwyler 34. Mrs. Freda Rinehart
15. Mr. Paul Daetwyler 35. Mrs. Diana Moral
16. Mrs. Joyce Bright 36. Mr. William Workman, Jr.
17. Mr. Robert Daft 37. Mrs. Alma Workman
18. Mrs. Martha Blosser 38. Mr. Glen McClain
19. Mr. Troy Jones 39. Mrs. Olive McClain
20. Mrs. Beulah Jones 40. Mrs. Effie Kerens
The year 1973 has been a memorable one for us.

Due to the mild winter weather we had, the attendance has been good.

Starting the last week of April work began in the cemetery by Isom and George Bodkin. We are very pleased with the upkeep, but there is a lot more work to be done.

The fellowship dinners held the first Sunday evenings of each month were really enjoyed by all attending.

In August the interior andexterior of the church was painted by the Mountain State Roofing and Painting, Inc. The $ 1,057.10 was paid by donations and the balance taken from the Sunday School Treasury.

Some of the women from W. S. C. S. Painted the classrooms and fellowship room. The paint was paid for by the M. Y. F.

Those receiving Baptismal Certificates
Mary Morral
Debbie Morral
Troy Morral
Mark Morral
Inetta Kalar
Monty Kalar
New members Transferred by letter from
First Christian Church
Mary Morral Henderson, Texas
Debbie Morral
Troy Morral W. R. McCoy
Barbara Workman Cecile McCoy
Terry Workman
William Workman III
Ruth Rinehart
Inetta Kalar
Monty Kalar

Four new tables for the fellowship room were purchased by the W. S. C. S. Costing $154.40.

Homecoming August 26, 1973, approximately one hundred people attended.
10:00 A. M. Sunday School
11:00 A. M. Sermon by Rev. Gilbert Hart entitled “Memories”
Hymn “Precious memories”
12-1:30 Dinner
1:30 Invocation - Rev. Denzil Moore
Special music by the Youth Choir
Reading “The Master Is Coming” by Ruth (Daft) Poling
Special music - Inetta and Monty Kalar -
“Less of Me” “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again”
Special Music - Debbie and Troy Morral - “Build Me a
Cabin in the Corner of Glory Land”, “I Saw a Man”
“Inside the Gate” and “Amazing Grace”
The Robert Allender family presented several numbers in song.

Rev. S. L. Green, former pastor, from Clarksburg,
W. Va. Delivered the afternoon sermon -
“Are Your Needs Being Met”

Benediction - Rev. Gilbert Hart

The Christmas Program was presented by the Young People

Songs by the Youth Choir
Welcome - “A Christmas Welcome”
Recitations - “Christmas Wish,” “I Wonder” and
“ Christmas”
One Act Play - “Aunt Sarah's Tooth”
Recitations - “The Wrong Gift” - “Christmas Presents”
One Act Play - “The Christmas Poet”
Recitations - “The First Christmas” - “Very Special”
Pagent - “The Children's Gift”
Cast - Our Youth Group

Song - “Jingle Bells”
Santa Claus

May God bless you and have a prosperous year.
Ruth (Vanscoy) Sell, Historian 1973
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Sandra Duncan
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1951 - - Because the cemetery was very neglected, on August 9, 1951, the Israel Church Cemetery Association was organized. With volunteer workers and money donations, the cemetery has been kept up very nicely. The first officers were president, Harry Smith; vice president, Frank Canfield; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Alvin Sell.
1954 - - A bulletin board was built by some of the boys of the church. This was done for $18 in Charles Phillips' shop class at Elkins High School.
1956 - - New cement steps were built at the front of the church.
1957 - - Because finances were running in the red, we had to get a loan from the bank to meet the budget. Knowing something had to be done, the women and friends of the church prepared and served several chicken suppers; and with the donations of one acre of ground on the Harry Smith, Alvah Canfield, and Isom Bodkin farms, the men, women, and children planted sweet corn and cared for it for three or more years. It was sold to grocers in Elkins for a good price. Not only was the debt paid off the bank, but the church has also been in good financial status since that time. We all enjoyed working together and it really proved to be “God's Acre.”
1958 - - The W. S. C. S. ordered twelve dozen commemorative plates with the picture of the church on them from the A and H ceramics, Point Marion, Pa., to be sold for one dollar each. Several reorders were also made. We sold over three hundred, along with four dozen matching plates of the Lord's Prayer.
1961 - - After eighteen years, the interior of the church was painted by Kenneth Kalar and Robert Mills.
1961 - - Bamboo drapes costing $41.19 were put on the windows by the W. S. C. S.
1962 - - New chairs at a cost of $23.88 were bought for the kindergarten. The seats that were made by Emmett Burkey [Buckey] “Big” Vanscoy and son Bruce when the church was built in 1891, were taken apart and put through a sander then put together with screws and finished in a lighter color.
Everyone was very pleased with the change it made in the sanctuary. The dressing of pews was $15 with the men of the church donating labor and the women giving them the finishing touch. Book racks costing $11.34 were made in Charles Phillips' shop class at Elkins High School and put on the back of the seats.
1963 - - The Israel Methodist Church was named one of the Centennial Churches of West Virginia. The certificate was placed in the church with this note:
“May this be an inspiration to continue a feeling
of pride and interest in your church work.”
The certificate was presented on Sunday morning, June 16, 1963, at the worship service with this remark:
“The Old Slagle Methodist Church, later known as the Israel Methodist Church, has had a wide and varied history during the time of its being and if its walls could speak. God's Glory would be revealed a thousandfold.”
1964 - - The third piano was purchased from the O. B. Fawley Music Store in Morgantown, W. V. for $450.
1966-67 - - Under the ministry of the Rev. Syvestor L. Green, a basement was put under the church, making a much needed improvement. Most of the labor was donated. Three classrooms and a large fellowship room were furnished, two restrooms were made in the basement, and stairs were made in the front of the sanctuary for a way to the classrooms. Out went the”Old Burnside” stove that had served faithfully for so many years. It was replaced with a fuel-oil furnace. Water was piped into the church with an electric pump from a well drilled by B.D. Thompson and paid for by Cecil C. Vanscoy. The well went to the church at his death. This cost was $420. One hundred folding chairs were added to the church property. These chairs were bought by donations made in honor of or in memory of loved ones.
1968 - - Garland Rinehart built a kneeling board in front of the altar and carpeted it.
1969 - - The W. S. C. S. Bought new carpet for the platform, aisle and stairway for $288.
1970 - - A new $329.80 metal roof was put on the church. An endowment fund for perpetual care for the cemetery was started with a goal of $5,000. The three thousand dollars received the first year is deposited in the Citizens National Bank of Elkins,W.Va., under the name of Israel Church Cemetery Fund at 5 ½ % interest. The trustees are Harry Smith, chairman; Beltron Canfield, Glenn McClain. It is hoped that the interest on this investment will provide perpetual care of the cemetery.
1971 - - William Workman, Jr., superintendent of the Sunday School, suggested we have a homecoming along with our annual Sunday School picnic on August 27, 1971. Several former members attended. The oldest, Miss Ulta Bell McDaniel, gave a reading “The Old Maid.” We voted to continue to have an annual homecoming on the last Sunday of August. The afternoon program was presented by the young people of the church. A brick bulletin board was built on the church ground. The brick mason was Reginald Purdum, who donated his time. Storm Windows costing $182 were put on. The two programs were sponsored by the W. S. C. S. of the church.
1972 - - The W. S. C. S. bought a metal building for $104.06 to be put in the cemetery to house lawn mowers and other tools needed for the upkeep of the cemetery. The Sunday School treasury paid $49 for the footer and floor. The W. S. C. S. also bought a new sweeper costing $62.89 for the church and 75 new Songs of inspiration, No. 4 hymnals at $93.75.
August 27, 1972 - - Our second homecoming was held. A number of former members and friends spent the day with us. A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all. Our former pastor, the Rev. S. L. Green, was the speaker of the afternoon . Officers for the following year, 1973, were chosen. They are Harry Smith, chairman; Ruth (Daft) Poling, program committee; Gail (Smith) Kalar, music.
1972 - - A new fence was put around part of the cemetery. The posts were donated by Truman Canfield. The cost of the fence wire and gate was $52.94. Part of the labor cost $32.50; the rest was donated by Harry Smith, Isom Bodkin, Leslie Vanscoy, and Alvin Sell. Insulation costing $157.09 was put in the church. The recently organized Youth Choir has been an inspiration to our Sunday School and worship services with their special numbers, program, and the annual Christmas program which consisted of skits - - “School Days at Sleepy Hollow.” “The Christmas Proposal,” and “Trim the Tree.” They also presented the Nativity scene, “The Pageant of Bethlehem.”
In years to come, it is hoped that additional changes of growth and improvement will be noted by those who add to this history.
Today we appreciate those who gave us this church and a heritage of faith.
We thank all of those who played a part in the march of God's kingdom.
We also thank those who will follow and keep records of the events that will enrich the lives of all who work and worship at this picturesque spot. - Ruth Vanscoy Sell
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Sandra Duncan
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my gr gr gr grandad lived in St Andrews Scotland He had three wives and twenty one children His name was Walter Duncan Born 1783 one of his wives fell down the village well and was drowned
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Steven Duncan
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Really? I have an ancestor named Walter Duncan, he was born in 1803 and he died in 1847 at the age 44.
Nov 06, 2019 · Reply
Trina Gentry
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My great grandfather, Jasper N. Duncan, b.1870 and lived in Humphreys County, Tennessee. He married Mary 'Maggie' L.M. Ferguson, b.1873 and they had five sons and two daughters.

Jasper's father, Daniel H. Duncan, b.1837 and married Mary L. Duncan and had five sons and one daughter.

I knew my great grandparents Jasper and Mary Duncan and spent some happy summers on their Buffalo, Humphyreys County, Tennessee farm in the 1950's.

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