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John Lee Eubanks, came home from getting married at court house june 27 1942, to a draft notice to leave the very next day. He joined the others in CC Camp, and then to Tocccoa, Georgia. He joined the Band of Brothers there. He is listed in The book on page 73-74 by Stephen Ambrose. John Eubanks is my father and I am very proud of him and what him and others did for or freedom. In 1981 I meet Gail Campbell at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia we dated a while and soon found out that our fathers where in the same Easy co. 101st in the war. I married Gail in 1982 and we have been married now for 26 years.

John Lee Eubanks - born 12/23/1920 - died 4/25/1997
served in 101st airbourne Easy Co. 506 PIR WWII from 1942-1945,
Recieved Purple Heart, blown off Tank, him and his buddies had caught a ride on, he was the only one that lived.

Pat Campbell - born 8/28/21 - died 6/29/1976
served in 101st airbourne Easy Co. 506 PIR WWII from 1942-1964
Jun 03, 2008 · Reply