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My Floyd family history:
Grandparents: Edith Marie Lilly Born 5/23/1910 and Hansford Baldwin Floyd Born 4/18/1902 in Beckley, WV
Great grandparents: Bessie G. Baldwin Born 4/20/1880 in Gilmer County, WV and Thomas G. Floyd Born 9/18/1875 in Rockbridge County, VA;
Great great grandparents: Fannie Hinderson Born 1/24/1865 in Rockbridge County, VA and John B. Floyd Born 3/28/1837 in Cabel County, VA.
Great great great grandfather Thomas E. Floyd Born 3/28/1837 in England.
Jan 24, 2007 · Reply
My relative Dalphin Ward Floyd was killed at the Alamo in 1836. Floyd County, Texas was named in his honor.

My Father, Brawner Floyd Anderson Sr. was a personal friend of Dr. George Washington Carver and starting when he was 13 years old spent a couple of weeks each summer at Tuskeegee Institute visiting him.
Feb 01, 2009 · Reply