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I never knew my father. The following have been told to me by my sister and when my mother was alive she told me some.

He was from Illnoise. He was a Chef, he worked in Evanston, Wyoming; Salt Lake City, Utah. (The Avaiation Club for one) Provo, Utah. (The Old Radar Club, which is an Eagles Lodge now)

He married my mother, Ione Claire Norris, after I was born, in 1945 in Evanston, Wyoming. To my knowledge, they never lived together after they were married. My Mother moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah in 1946 brining me with her. We lived with my grandmother.

I have very little knowledge of the family, but like to find something about my father before I die. I was born in Provo, Utah July 27, 1944 to Robert Alfred and Ione Claire Norris. My name is Judy Roberta Garvin and you can contact me at [contact link].
Jan 24, 2009 · Reply