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Updated Feb 24, 2021


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The average age of a Goddard family member is 69.0 years old according to our database of 7,198 people with the last name Goddard that have a birth and death date listed.


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Natalie Goddard commented
This story starts as my grandfather died in England in 1917, my Grandmother had 9 nine children. In 1919 my grandmother took herself and 7 children -2had- died aboard the mini dorsey ship to sail to Canada. She got very sick aboard the ship, her children gave their beds to other people and they slept on deck, It took them 14 days to cross the atlantic. They arrived in Nova Scotia in which her sister took them in at her home they had to travel by train to Montreal, My grandfathers name was John Joseph and my grandmother Mary Hannah. When she arrived here she met Frederick moore and he loved her and her children and they married. My grandfather was James Goddard, his son James named after him was my father. My grandfather had four children Kenny, Bonnie, James and Wayne. My father had 5 children, myself Natalie, Karen, James and Judy and Janet twins. Myself had 6 children Jennifer,Ryan, Corey, Christy, Arielle, and Aaron. My sister Karen has 2 children Sean and Kaitlyn. My Brother James has 2 children Kiera and James we have four generations of James Goddard, My sister Judy has 3 children Alexander, Brandon, and Mitchell. My sister Janet has 2 children Katrina and Jessica. I have 6 grandchildren Dylan,I luv her,Jorden and Teah are are my oldest 11 and 12 I still call them my babies, Justyce, Nicole and Gavin. Yep so we are a big family.Theres more my mom died in 1992 and dad remarried so we have a step brother Jay and his wife Jennifer and their to children Victoria and Tyler and his brother Kelly. If anyone knows these people and are part of our family tree please let us know. email address [contact link]
Jun 04, 2008  ·  Reply
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