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This is a true story of a plight of a 41 year old lady looking for her Gregory family in Shropshire area of England. For two years now she has been writing letters, searching databases, to no avail. She has not been able to locate a Gregory cousin inwhich to work along with. The information she has is listed below and if some kind researcher in a Gregory family knows anything please share with her so that she may find more information and contiue her lines.
Thank you all so much!! :0)
Richard Gregory born abt. 1808 in Ightfield, Shropshire, possibly baptised in an area close by. According to Census data he has listed himself as being born in 1810 but nothing can be fouind for him in that year, only a listing of a baptism in 1810 in Calverhall which is close by.

He married Sarah Dabbs (born 7 April 1819 in Wrockwardine) on 26 December 1843 in the Parish Hodnet, Hodnet and it states that Richards Father is also names Richard. Sarah's parents are John and Mary (Philips) Dabbs.

Richard and Sarah had eight children: John 1844-Thomas 1846-William 1849-Mary 1851-Esther 1853 she passed away at a young age.-Charles 1856-Emmer(Emma my line) 1858-Esther1867

Could one or more of these Gregory's left England for other parts of the world??? Can anyone help??
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply