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Updated Dec 24, 2018


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Early Harmans

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1455 - around 1519
1532 - Mar 22, 1629
1522 - Dec 28, 1581
1800 - 1893
1801 - 1894
1819 - 1896
1514 - Unknown

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Nov 25, 1931 - Jun 11, 2009
Apr 7, 1923 - Nov 6, 2006
Dec 17, 1941 - Dec 14, 1999
Nov 25, 1909 - Aug 23, 2001
Nov 14, 1951 - Dec 29, 2005
Jul 28, 1929 - April 1980
Mar 14, 1929 - Aug 19, 2000
Jul 27, 1926 - Jul 2, 2009
Jul 31, 1896 - April 1985
Aug 7, 1915 - Feb 25, 2005
Jun 3, 1897 - September 1987
May 3, 1931 - Apr 15, 2008
Aug 3, 1913 - Dec 30, 2006
Nov 16, 1905 - Oct 23, 1999
around 1940 - Unknown
around 1973 - Unknown
Jul 31, 1922 - Oct 17, 2011
1879 - 1946
Unknown - Unknown
around 1923 - Unknown

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71.1 years

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Mar 6, 1898 - Jun 13, 2005
107 years
Jan 1, 1898 - May 28, 2004
106 years
Jul 2, 1881 - July 1986
104 years
Sep 9, 1883 - May 1987
103 years
Sep 8, 1903 - Aug 17, 2007
103 years
Apr 11, 1897 - Feb 1, 2001
103 years
Mar 2, 1870 - January 1974
103 years
Sep 9, 1879 - March 1983
103 years
Sep 28, 1891 - Jul 6, 1994
102 years
Aug 17, 1881 - September 1983
102 years

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Beth Pearce
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Enlistment Record Name: John T. Harman. Grade: Cook. Enlisted, or Inducted, Apr 15, 1917, at Ft. Sam Houston Texas, Quanah Texas Serving in First enlistment period at date of discharge. Prior service:*None Noncommissioned officer: Never. Marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating:† No practice. Horsemanship: Not known. Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: A.G.F.? Oct 16/’7-June 30/’9 Knowledge of any vocation: Laborer Wounds received in service: None. Physical condition when discharged: Good. Typhoid prophylaxis completed May 26, 1917. Paratyphoid prophylaxis completed October 3, 1917. Married or single: Single. Character: Excellent Remarks: No AWOL or absence under G. O. 31/’s? or 45/14? Signature of soldier: John T. Harman July 8-1919. Paid in full including $60.00 bonus $99.05 Porus Kurtz Major Q. M. G. Claude ???????? Captain Signal Corps. Captain Cav. U. S. Commanding 42nd Co. Demobilization Group, Camp Bowie.
*Give company and regiment or corps or department, with inclusive dates of service in each enlistment. † Give date of qualification or rating and number, date, and source of order announcing same. 3-3164

(Some of it I could not read.)
Apr 06, 2013 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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April 12, 1945
Dear mom,
Yes, I heard that same rumor about the war being over at that time but was back in the rear. A few days later I found out different although it was a little easier and saw a lot of P W s.

To-morrow is Sunday and I have a big day planed. It is also mother's day and may you have a happy one. I'm sorry that I'm so late about getting around to sending you greetings. This one should be one to remember because of all the things that have happened in the past few days and as the news says "We do not realize that we are living in an age of history".

Going down to the lake and going swimming and get a little of this filth off of me. Went this evening and took a small bath and the water was a little cold but after I had stayed in for a while it got to where it did not feel so bad.
The fish do not bite so good so that has gone out of style. Using other methods, guys have been having pretty good luck and catching some good sized ones.

I have been washing my dish three times a day and if these people don't ge me a mess kit pretty soon I'm going to renig.

Well, here goes nothing! You have been asking me a lot of questions as to what I have been doing and I will try and give you a small outline. It all started in Belgium when the bulge broke out and just as I thought there was a sargent that just walked in and said for me to be ready to go on guard in about 20 minutes. I crossed the Roer at at Duren and went up to the Rhine near Clonge. From there to the 7th front to go through the zig line. Went to Saarbrucken came back to 1st and cleaned out the Rhur pocket. Then to the 9th who at that time were working with the British 2nd. Back before going to the Roer, take a crack at the zig line the first time and go through there. And here I am.

That as I said, is only an outline. Any questions?

Will put out a little more effort to-morrow and think of you a little stronger and I wish you a happy Mother's Day even if it is late.
Love and Best
For a Happy Mothers Day
Lyle Irby
Mar 18, 2003 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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Jan. 7, 1943
Dear Mom,
You may not believe this but your son is in the hospital again. Yeah! Can you believe that! The sickness is minor and since I've been here, I've felt no pain but before I came! Oh, how I scratched. It came on me late Sunday afternoon and that night I was miserable. Monday morning found me still itching but not so bad so I went on out to work. I spent Monday morning riding around in a tank therefore I kept cool enough. Well, we stopped for chow out in the field and noticed after I got out and began getting warm, the itch came back and by the time I got through eating I was redder than a beet. I went on back to the tank and took off some clothes so I could get my shirt off and have a look. The sarge said I ought to go see a doc so I took off. The doc pronounced it as hives and asked if I'd had them before and to the best I could remember I hadn't. He told one of his aides to take me to camp and the hospital. He brought me in O. K. In a jeep at 50 M.P.H. That cooled me down considerable. After we got here I went down and got somethings to bring over with me and got hot again. My face felt like it was going to blow up. I went through the usual red tape and was asked lots of questions about my past health and so, here I am. Laying around in P J and a bath robe, taking pills and getting lazy. What a life. No one bothers me except the ward who brings me the pills. Otherwise I feel fine and not bothered with hives enough to speak of.

I pulled a little KP this morning. The cooks had a 100 lb. sack of spuds to be peeled and me with three other guys were volunteered to help. Took us about 30 minutes. That is something else, the cooks dish out a better chow than what they do at the company but it could be better.

[no salutation]
Mar 18, 2003 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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January 10, 1943
Hi ya Mom,
Madam, if you want to see a boy that is tickled pink, you ought to have a look at me. The doc called me in and made another physical checkup and when he finished, I asked him for an hour pass to go over to the p.x. and he told me I was getting out tomorrow, so no pass. I was afraid that I was stuck here in this place with these CDD and nuts for rest of my army life.

Another thing, I got some mail to night. The first since I went over and got that one letter night before last from you. Tonight there was five from you, two from Vic, and one from Anna Bodart who is that friend of Vic's that I told you about when I was home. I would like for you to read some of the letters I get. I'll have some news for you in a few days.
I was glad to hear that June got a job. She needs something to keep her busy. I don't think I'm hurting financially for I have about $75 loaned out that is going to come in handy about the middle of next month. On top of that will be about $65 or $70 in pay. Keep happy, Lyle (over) Seeing as how the P. X. has been out of envelopes for the past week would you be so kind as to send me a couple of packages. Thank you!

January 15, 1943
Dear Mom,
I told you about getting out of the hospital, didn't I, no? Ever since, I have been rushed like mad. The afternoon I got back, I was put to work cleaning up the company street and hauling wood. One the boys also asked me if I'd care to go to town with him the next day so I said I would. The next day, which was Wednesday, there was to be a parade for some general and the morning was given to cleaning up and getting ready. That afternoon at around two, we loaded on trucks and went to Phoenix.

I did not get to do a thing I had planned on but had a good time anyway. We left Phoenix this morning and went to work nearly as quick as we got here.

We got in for chow around seven so I bought some things for Hershal and took them to him before I ate. Came back and ate, got his mail and went back over to the hospital and stayed until they ran me off so here I am writing to you. The hour is pretty late and seeing as how that brings me up to date, I'll bid you Goodnight until tomorrow.


January 16, 1943
Dear Mom,
I got in about 7:30 to-night, ate chow, and was aiming to take some things over to Hershal but was held up. The C. Q. caught me and said I was to go on guard from 8 to 10. Therefore it must be around 11.

I got one leter today and it was from Boots. I think there was three last night with one from Vic.

Adios, Lyle
Mar 18, 2003 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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These letters were written by a 19 year old, unmarried.

Sunday 14 (probably March 1943)
Dear Mrs. Harman
Guess I will write again. Out on detail this morning cleaning guns. Walked around awhile right after dinner, came back and put out a washing.
Went to a show last night and saw Tenn. Johnson.
The dice are really getting a work out. I saw a Leut. coming, started to say something, instead, headed for my bunk. The Leut. Didn't say anthing so I guess dice are all right.

Monday 15, 1943
Dear Mom,
I shall proceed to start right this time and ask you to send me some clothes hangers. We are furnished upright lockers but no hangers and it is hard to keep clothes pressed.
You would not believe it, but I have been saluting officers. It seems funny and strange, but I guess I will get used to it.
We went to two theaters and listened to a couple of sermons.
Adios, Lyle

Thursday night March 18, 1943
Dear Mom,
Well, I have had my first K.P. and I got a letter day before yesterday.
It rained again. I have seen the sun shine about twice but not any dry days. We drill and have health exercise every morning in the mud. Some of the high ground is packed but the low ground has water.
You asked about my arm. It is ok. The only thing I don't like is shaving every night. It is hard on my face. Tomorrow is friday. Sat. inspection. Lyle

March 20, 1943
Dear Mom,
I still ok. I've been volunteering for different details so as to keep in condition. I scrubbed floors in the day room today. We are just getting it started. There are a few books and fur-niture. Lights out, finish tomorrow. Go on detail at 7:30.

Missed out on the detail but got signed on a baseball team. Go on guard to-morrow night. Promising is it not? It turned cold last night. This country is funny. One day it is nice and warm, next its freezing cold. Yores, Lyle P.S. Got a G. I. haircut at Fort Sill

April 3, 1943
Dear Mom,
I guess I better let you know why I have not wrote to you for past few days. Friday, March 25, I had the pleasure of going to the hospital. Thursday nite, the sarge sent me to the dispensary because I lost my supper. They had me come back Friday morning. The doctor gave me some pills and cough syrup and a 24 hours pass to stay in bed. I stayed in bed all right, but that evening after chow, all the boys were required to go to the dispensary for some vacinations. I got hot standing in line and passed out. From there to the hospital. I got out last Thursday morning and marched double time that afternoon and got another 24 hours pass yesterday (Friday).
Today, we went out on the parade grounds and marched all over half acre all morning.
This afternoon I pulled K. P. from 1 to 8:15. I feel a wail of a lot better now and am thinking of going to bed.
I counted my letters and I have 16 or 17. I'll send them to you to keep. Three from N. M. and 2 picture cards from Cal.
I imagine I'll be writing regular now. There is no need to send me any cigs for I can get them for a Dollar.
I'll let you know if I need any money. Monday is pay-day. Yours truly Lyle
Jan 17, 2003 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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Postmark might be February 10, 1943
Tues 2:00 PM
Dearest Son,
The first day the wind has blown and its about to drive me nuts. Not working today and the dust is fogging in. Worked Sunday 7:00 A – 4 P. Had to work over time Sat. Have Thurs. off. Hope I'm called in. I don't like these days off.
Please take time out to write me once in awhile for I still love you you know. I try not to worry and to be reasonable but some of these days when you are a parent you'll know what I mean.
If you should get a notice to go to the Army be sure and call me if you can't come to see us, they're taking them pretty fast now. Let me know how you're getting along and if you need anything. Oodles love and best Wishes to both. Mom

Selective Service envelope postmarked February 12, 1943 to Lyle in Hot Springs.

February 14, 1943
Dear Mom, (and how!)
What a knock out. Gee, what I couldn't do to that box about an hour ago. It's about eight or nine now and I've just got back from chow so I'm not so very hungry. When was Valentines, anyhow? That was a real card, too.
You said something about writing. I've had plenty of time according to a month ago but?
Last week-end in Phoenix. Yours, Lyle

Order to Report for Induction, dated 2-12-43. Report February 25, 1943.
Request approved by Mrs. Helen R. Keeney of Borger

February 17, 1943
Dear Mom,
I got a letter from both of you tonight which is better than usual but beats what I've been sending. But that doesn't seem to help my mood for writing to anyone.
The salvage came in to-day and I got a new C uniform, new shoes, and socks. That helps but am still in need of new ones. They were the first new clothes I've got since Fort Sill and they have that moth ball smell.
I am getting along fine as can be. Yours, Lyle

February 20, 1943 or 44
No postmark
Dear Mom,
Not much doing to-day. Some of the boys are working but I'm taking life easy. I am begining to like this idea of not writing letters. It's not hard to do for I seldom go to Phoenix and when I do it's nothing special.
There is a leg show on at the theatre now but it is probley just like the others. Corny as all get out.
If any thing of interest turns up I'll let you know. Yores Lyle

Postmark March 6, 1943
Dear Mom
Guess I may as well write you a few words. My arm is sore but I am all right. I'm in uniform now and can't seem to get used to it. Don't know when will ship but I'm hoping too. I eat swell, elegant and some boys go through thrice. I feeling fine
adios Private Harman

Postmark March 7, 1943
Dear Mom
Tis Sat night in the old Fort and I'm leaving. I do not know the why, where, or when but will send future address.
I feel all right. I have not done or did K.P. yet but there is a time and place for everything.
Adios Lyle
Jan 05, 2003 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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A letter from a WW2 soldier to his mom.
January 21, 1943

Dearest Mom,

Tomorrow is the big day. Going to Phoenix for the 4th time since I’ve been out here. It sure is nice to forget your troubles for a day or two.

I met one of the boys I went to school with too. But there is another one that I have not seen yet. You remember that guy I wrote you about that was so funny and no one could get any joke on him. His name is Shaver. He’s the guy I want to see again. Fellows like him are the ones you can’t forget.

Something else that was sorta funny today. Some of the boys built a little fire today and that was something they should not have done. They played around in it like little kids. What was so funny was that those big boys would squat down and lay a little piece of wood on the fire. It was really comical to watch because they had such serious looks on their face plus a beard and lots of dirt.
Hershal is in better spirits tonight and therefore so be it here.

Well & Happy,


P.S. Will write Monday nite.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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Here's a letter my dad wrote to his mom during WW2:
January 24, 1943

Dear Mom,

Really enjoyed the week end in Phoenix this time. I stayed out at Carl’s house and ate and slept. Cotton blankets on the bed. At breakfast – hot biscuits, white gravy, honey, bacon (fresh made), coffee. For Dinner – brown beans, real light bread (store bought), canned corn, mac or sphet, and coffee. Supper – hot biscuits, and left overs. That is what I call good eating.

Just before we left Sunday night they broke out with a fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and singing. The place was just a camp of okies working for the same man. Hope to go back again next weekend. Didn’t spend but three dollars and that was for a new cap and one meal. Not bad, eh?

I got a letter from Boots too and he said that Jesse Ralston had been killed in action. Got a letter from you and the box of stationery, a letter from Vic so I’ve been feeling pretty good up till now. Got set down and writing and feel tired. Didn’t get much sleep either and have been on KP all day. I was planning on writing to June, Boots and Vic but I think I shall go to bed instead.



(June is his sister)
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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This is a letter from a mom to her son. She lived in Borger, TX. He was still in New Mexico with a friend waiting to join the military. He was 19 years old. June is his sister. Tom is his father who died in 1933.

Postmark Jan. 25, 1943
Mon. 2:00 PM
Dearest Son,
Its cold in this man's country again, not quiet so cold as it got a week ago. We’re feeling fine, and I’m working, didn’t work Sat and Sun and don’t tomorrow but work on thru next Sun. Evelyn came in and got me yesterday and I went out to Phillips with her. Sure did enjoy being out. Saw Rose Mary and Edna and their Mother. Hadn’t seen Dee (Evelyn's husband) since the Sunday you, June, Tom and I ate dinner with them in 1931. Hadn’t see Mrs. Ryuls (Evelyn's mother) since we went to Lubbock in 1928. Dena came right after I got home and stayed until 9:00. Did you get your classification card? You’re suppose to keep that with your registration card and have them with you at all times. They’re warning men, expecially the ones from 18-38, to have them on their person at all times.
I’ve got quiet a bit to do so must toodle along. Hope both of you are well and happy. June got laid off Sat night. Don’t know where will go from here. Oodles love, Mom
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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April 19, 1943
Fort Knox
Dear Mom,
Well I’ll be dad burned. If that just shows you that even the best have to let down once in a while. I got a letter Sunday from my aunt that my mother was sick and in the hospital. To day I got a telegram that she was out and improving. This afternoon I got a card from the same person saying she would probably be out soon.
I got a letter from Edna and one from Peggy. They seem to be on the outs but are still friends. They were caught during one of their hookey plays. Edna wants to join the wacks and Peggy wants her to come Alberkirk.
Well my platoon really messed things up to the sky. Friday, we were to clean rifles and being tired and in a hurry we did not do a good job. Now we are restricted to the post for this week. Next week we won’t be here so that makes two weeks straight away from town. This week we go to night school from 8 to 9:30. This restriction includes all officers of whom some lived in town. The school is cleaning rifles.
It's too bad you cannot make your trip but I don’t believe we could get together.
Adios Lyle H.

April 21st 1943
Fort Knox
Dear Mom,
Tonite I am in the Guard house again. I was on last Sunday all afternoon and that night. There is a Bn. dance at Club 2 and all the boys that didn’t go could volunteer for guard duty and I did.
I imagine this will be the last letter you will be getting from me for the next two weeks or more.
Why don’t you just stay home, if you are too sick to leave, and rest for I will probably be in sometime in June but suit yourself. Go to Louisville and get a hotel room and try to reach me at my address. I wish you luck cause I am not sitting still.
Let me know if you understand.
Yours Truly,
P.S. Am sending picture.

May 3, 1943
Fort Knox
Dear Mom,
I just got out of our first O.C.S. class. We had the different faces and drilling movements. My voice is kinda weak bit it will improve. I want to go and the thing that is going to keep me out is doing the wrong thing.

Boy, oh, boy what an argument. These guys in here get to banning words back and forth over religion and every one thinks he is right. Every one can curse as loud and long as any sailor.
Got to go to Bed.
P.S. Send me some more candy, if it pleases your highness and an Amarillo paper.
To save paper
May 4, 1943
(On the back of May 3 letter)
Dear Mom,
I am on guard duty again to night. I go to walk from 10 to 12. I have been on once every week for the past three weeks and that ain't hay.

I got a real nice letter from Peggy yesterday and she seems off the beam. I will give you her address and I would like for you to write her a friendly letter telling her what a sorry son you have, please if you do not mind. Send me a copy of it.

May 6, 1943
Fort Knox
Dear Mom,
Pay day was yesterday. I received $35.75. I have $6.25 bonds, $1.50 laundry, and $6.50 insurance. By the time I had collected all the money owing me I had $57.
I aim to send Boots his $20 and next month yours.
I got a hair cut tonite and the barber parted my hair for the first time since I’ve been in.
Don’t feel bad bout not recieving any letters from me because the officers are tightning down on us and everthing has to be so so. I have to go to prep school about every other night and study the other nights.
Your truly,

May 10, 1943
Fort Knox
Dear Mom,
I have been pretty busy the last few days but now they are letting us off at five. We have to run from one building to another during duty hours.

Went on parade last Saturday and was on the front rank. I believe I told you about the change in the squad rooms. Our room has four tank crews in it. I had to move across the room.

Today we went out in the field and built tank obstacles. Made them from trees. Cut them down, bury, and stack.

Yours Truly,
740th tank battalion
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
Beth Pearce
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This is a letter from a mom to her son. She lived in Borger, TX. He was still in New Mexico with a friend waiting to be drafted. He was 19 years old. June is his sister. His father died in 1933.

Postmark February 1, 1943
Mon. 1:30 PM
Dearest Son,
Guess I’m OK and guess June is. I worked today. Have the blues that’s not unusual.
Thanks a million for writing me. I had begin to think you had eloped else. I don’t guess it’ll be too long before you’ll be getting your call. 5 of the boys from Gruver went to Lubbock for their final physical last week and left for camp today. They didn’t know where they were going. It was Keith Paul, J. D. Shapley and I don’t know the other two. They probably went to Ft. Sill, Okla. That’s where most of them go for their shots and ect. The Mederith Atkinson's were down Sat. night. I went to the show with them have had headache ever since.
June went to the theater & ask Mr. Davidson for a job this A.M. Afraid she’ll not have too much luck in Borger. I hope she does get a job soon. She doesn’t need the money as much as she needs to be doing something. I do want her to do something worth while. This is the best opportunity she’ll ever have but she may have to leave Borger to get a job.
Be sure sweet let me know when you get your call and come to see me before you have to go if you can. Don’t know how many days you’ll get or where you may have to go.
Hope both of you are well. Maybe the bathes there will help you. Write me Sweetheart as often as you can, I love you Mom
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply

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