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Science: Sir William Harvey

Busuness: Fred Harvey
Phil Harvey

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Surnames: Hartnip - Haski

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EmmaJayneRachel Harvey commented on Feb 05, 2008
Trying to trace my family history and thought you might help. My name is Emma Jayne Rachel Harvey I am 19 years old, birth date 12th may 1988. I have a father Iain Venton Harvey and he has two siblings called Janet penrose(Harvey)and Brian Neil Harvey (chief fireman in devon, england). My grandparents are rachel harvey (maiden name unknown) and alan Harvey (who unfortunetly died in july 2004)Alan Harvey was a captain in the royal navy. I live in weston super mare, north somerset, england. I also have a sister called Jasmine jay Harvey who is 18 and her birth date is 18th august 1987.
If it helps my mothers maiden name is Barney. Her name was Nicola Jane Harvey (But has currently re married and is an Addison). She has a brother called Phillip Barney and their parents are Libery John Barney and Angela Barney.
June Boorman commented on Jun 06, 2010
My grandmother Elizabeth mary Harvey told me many many years ago that 9th march was a very sad day and she was glad when it had gone but she never told me any more for many many years i have thought what could that sad have been i think i have found that sad day it is march the 9th her Brother Jame Harvey Was killed in first world onein somme 1918 he was private j Harvey241840 york andlancaster regiment aged35 Edith mary Harvey his wife came from great Houghton Northampton but i cant find out her maiden name might help me find out if there were children that i could try and find as they are related to me if only some one could find this answere for me hes the only J Harvey Soldier killed 9/3 1918i found on wwi death recold
my grandmother was one of many many sad ladies thank ing you Mrs June Boorman june wellsman
Lorie Ostipow Kayanek commented on Aug 02, 2014
I am not sure if I am reaching the right Harvey family, but my mother was born Betty Jean Harvey in 1953. Her father was Lewis Sanford Harvey and mother Lillie Mae Brockman-Harvey. I am very interested in finding out more about my grandfathers family. If I have reached the right family I would love for you to respond back. Thank you!
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