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Holder Last Name History & Origin

Updated Sep 09, 2020


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Name Origin

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Nationality & Ethnicity


Early Holders

These are the earliest records we have of the Holder family.

1801 - 1875
1802 - 1883
1803 - 1884
1804 - 1886
1808 - 1893
1817 - 1899
1821 - 1900
1830 - 1922
1836 - 1917
1843 - 1929

Holder Family Members

Holder Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Holder Biographies

Jul 13, 1879 - Unknown
Nov 25, 1894 - March 1974
May 7, 1888 - October 1983
Sep 1, 1956 - Jul 9, 1996
Oct 3, 1979 - Mar 2, 2005
Jan 28, 1916 - June 1988
Sep 26, 1892 - March 1977
Apr 24, 1932 - Oct 5, 2005
Mar 14, 1920 - Oct 16, 1990
Mar 2, 1885 - July 1972
Aug 30, 1895 - Aug 6, 1989
Sep 18, 1920 - Jul 10, 1990
Oct 28, 1923 - May 15, 1996
c. 1956 - Unknown
c. 1943 - Unknown
c. 1947 - Unknown
c. 1916 - Nov 1, 1918
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1920 - Unknown

Holder Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Holder family member is 69.4 years old according to our database of 12,680 people with the last name Holder that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.4 years

Oldest Holders

These are the longest-lived members of the Holder family on AncientFaces.

Aug 23, 1868 - November 1980
112 years
Jul 31, 1896 - Jul 4, 2004
107 years
Jul 9, 1902 - Dec 11, 2009
107 years
Jan 10, 1880 - July 1987
107 years
Mar 11, 1899 - Aug 16, 2004
105 years
Apr 24, 1885 - December 1989
104 years
Feb 13, 1902 - Dec 23, 2006
104 years
Oct 3, 1893 - Jun 21, 1998
104 years
Dec 24, 1891 - Jan 10, 1996
104 years
Mar 25, 1872 - February 1977
104 years

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Gerri Degroff
27 favorites
My father died when I was three and mom remarried and we moved to the Toledo Oh.
area. I never knew much about my fathers family and so in 1965(age 17) I let my curious
mind get the better of me and made a trip to Wartburg Morgan Co. Tn. to find my roots.
Well this was my first trip by myself, and was I in for a few lessons in life.
In late summer and the weather was beautiful for traveling I set off with very little
knowledge of what was in store for me in a unknown area. The trip from Toledo to
Wartburg was beautiful. Now in Wartburg arriving late in the day about dark, I
started asking questions about where to find grandpa's place. Well 1st lesson was
about to be learned. Don't go into a town and start asking ???'s. I stopped at a couple
places before I had any luck, by this time it was dark. The boys I talked to said to be
careful you don't know what might be up there because there was a prison close by.
Well that set the fear in motion. I went on my way and found the place. It was very dark
and you could not see a thing. I passed the drive where I was to turn and had to back up.
I did that ok, but when I turned in my back wheel hit the ditch. Needless to say I got stuck.
I got out of the car to check things out, yep a good job of it too. Opened the trunk got out
the jack and went to work getting out of the mess I was in. I was just about to finish when
something hit the car and that was enough for me. I got in the car and gunned it and out I
came. I left the jack and didn't look back til I hit the main road. I spent the nite in the local
motel. Next morning I went back for another try in the day light. I got there to find a small
log cabin on the side of a hill. I got out and started for the cabin and was looking into the
barrel of grandpa's shotgun. After I told him who I was he invited me up to the cabin. He
explained that he had been robbed and was careful of who came there. I told him the story
of the night before and he got a real kick out of that. We talked and laughed and got to
know each other a bit. He was a very interesting man and funny too. He wanted me to walk
with him and as we walked he told me stories of the past. We reached the top of the hill and
there was a gravestone, it was my fathers. He told me a little about him and started walking
again, down the other side of the hill. We came upon the ruins of a old cabin where my parents
lived, and he told me more stories from the past. The whole time we spent walking and talking
he whittled a piece of wood. He was a real old timer and one of the most interesting story tellers
I will ever meet. He died in 1978 and I was blessed to be able to get to know him before he left
this world. I bet he is still telling stories to this day. By the way my fathers grave was moved to
Flat Fork Cem. where he is laid to rest with his parents Grandpa Earl Holder on one side and Grandma
Jenny Asher Holder on the other. I never got to meet my grandmother, she passed away in 1961.
Jan 05, 2003 · Reply
Stephanie Nichols
1 favorite
I was 18 months old when my birth father was killed in a auto accident with five other servicemen on their way to back to a air base in Sac. Cal. This happened in August 1948, as close as I can find. The only information I have is that he was born in Oklahoma City, Ok. and his name was Authur Holder, he married a Dorothy Armstrong, I believe in Cal. possible Napa, Ca. There is a possiblity his parents moved to Az. or Tx. after his death. He was of Cherokee decent I have been told.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply

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