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John Martin KEARNEY (1808-1897) and his wife, Honarah LYONS (1802-1884), emigrated from the Abington area of County Limerick, Ireland to Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia in 1863, sailing from Liverpool direct to Queensland on the "Hannah More" with five of their seven children. These children were
B1. Martin John KEARNEY B. 1833; D. 5.9.1864 aged 31 at sea en route to Australia - his wife was Bridget O'BRIEN - they had 2 children - their daughter married DOONER.
B2. Michael KEARNEY B. 1836; D. 21.5.1863 in Ireland aged 27
B3 William KEARNEY Bp.11.4.1838 In Abington, Limerick, Ireland; D. 22.6.1875 R’ton - married with no children
B4 Thomas KEARNEY Bp. 13.7.1841; D. 9.1.1880 (Ref: 80/001884) in Rockhampton; married Johanna RYAN in Queensland. They had 7 children
B5. Mary Catherine KEARNEY B. 1846 in Ireland; D. 24.11.1903 in Rockhampton. She married Timothy CRANLEY and had 6 children
B6. James KEARNEY (Male) Bp. May 1847; D. 10.3.1874 Buried 11.3.1874, aged 26
B7. Bridget Mary KEARNEY B. 13.5.1851 in Abington, Limerick; D. 31.3.1938 Brisbane. She married William SHEEHY and had 9 children.
The family was part of the early development of Central Queensland and Rockahmpton.
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