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Updated Nov 10, 2020


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Domino Lennon commented on Jul 07, 2009
My mother,Willie Bell.Hamilton,always said she was born in Jacksonville,Florida,to Alberta Freeman,and Amos Hamilton,May 28th,1946,1947,or 1954(she never told me how old she really was)..But when she needed to get on welfare,she wrote to Jackson,Mississippi,for a birth certificate for Willie Jones,born mMay 27th,1927.toWillie Jones and Arcadia Freeman.My mother always said her father,Amos Hamilton,was born in England,toan English father,and a Colored-Welsh mother,and Alberta Freeman,was born in Florida,and was of Navajo/Cherokee/Zuni/Blackfoot/Creek/Choctaw/Crook tribes.I have been searching since 2003 really,and it looks like either she stole someone else's identity,or she never exsisted.Either way,I can find nothing on her thta I didn't put there.Please check out QuickTopic,anita Felder's Cousin,,DominoRioJuliaJane.Lennon,Google Jones,and Infomation comes up,cousinsConnect,Lennon brings up More Information.My mother was burried under someone else's name,Mrs.Willie Mae.Wright,January 6th,2001.also Google WillieBell.Hamilton,and you will find more opn my mother where I've been earching.I remember a photo my mother had of my grandmother and half-brother,Charles Burrell.Flemings,Jr.It was of Char;es celebrating his birthday.My grandmother is is There's a boy on a bicycle in a white sweatshirt,and he's smiling,you can see his dimples,and there's a birthday cake on the table(Alberta is sitting next to the table,her hair is shoulder length),but my mother said Alberta had turquoise colored-eyes,and black-brown hair.not straight,but almost.she kept it parted in the middle,and waist-length(Alberta was five feet three,and about 145 pounds).If anyone runs across a photo or photos like that,please contact me.Also (in browser)domino.tribalpages.comMy brother Charles was by a Charles Burrell.Flemingd,and I have a sister,Linda merchent(my mother said it was short for Melinda),born in Buffalo,Ny(Charles was born in Jacksonville,Fl),to Willie Mae.Hamilton(my mother didn't like her middle name),and a Frank Merchent(he was married at the time,somewhere around 19,I don't know the year).Iam illigitimate(se,DominoRioJuliaJane.Lennon) Domino Lennon
Domino Lennon commented on Jul 20, 2009
For awhile,my mother,Willie Bell.Hamilton/Willie Mae.Hamilton/Mrs.Willie Mae.Flemings,live with a disabled railroad worker name Mr.Charlie(thats all my mother called him),and his wife,Miss Matilda,a white couple.I remember them,because Mr.Charlie was left-handed,and was always teaching me to color(I was born left-handed,but a childhood accident,took almost,all use of my left writing looks like scribbiling;),and he had lost his left leg below the know,while working on the railroad.He would get up and put on his fake leg,then roll into thebathroom and clean up.Does anyone know who they were,and what happened to them?I don't know where mother and I were living,so Idon't know if it was New York or where,and please look at the photos I have at Hamilton,myself,and coreen Wrights.That is the only photo I have of myself as a child. Domino Lennon.
Margaret Hall commented on Mar 10, 2015
I am the great grand daughter of James Christopher Bolger and Mary Muir Philps.I am sure Philip Lennon married one of James and Mary's daughter Ann Mary Elizabeth. I was always told the Lennon's were my father Bernard George Bolger's cousin. Can you please confirm? Thanks
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