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Updated Sep 13, 2017


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The average age of a Mackinnon family member is 71.4 years old according to our database of 1,976 people with the last name Mackinnon that have a birth and death date listed.

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PEI Canada. My grandfather = Ronald Reginald MacKinnon born nov 23 1900 on PEI canada. died 1955 norfolk ct. husband of Mary Evelyn Baird MacKinnon born feb 15 1907 PEI canada. died jan 17 1990 in winsted ct, she was the daughter of Philip Baird. Ronald Reginald MacKinnon was the son of Lauchlin MacKinnon born 1870's Scotland. Lauchlin was the son of Angus MacKinnon born 1850 in Scotland. Ronald Reginald MacKinnon had 4 sons 1. Ronald Reginald MacKinnon PEI 2. George Lauchlin MacKinnon,PEI 3. Francis Raymond Joeseph MacKinnon,Hartford Ct 4 Albert Eugene MacKinnon PEI email me (Robert M MacKinnon) at [contact link]
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