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Updated Jun 08, 2020


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Early Mcphersons

These are the earliest records we have of the Mcpherson family.

1774 - 1858
1778 - 1863
1778 - 1876
1778 - 1889
1791 - 1871
1792 - 1881
1793 - 1877
1797 - 1880
1799 - 1899
1801 - 1889

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Mcpherson Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
Dec 29, 1929 - Dec 15, 1987
Jul 11, 1909 - Apr 21, 2005
Oct 25, 1920 - Oct 11, 2008
Apr 7, 1923 - Jan 3, 2006
Mar 13, 1912 - Jan 23, 1997
Sep 12, 1921 - May 1987
Jan 5, 1953 - Jul 15, 1995
Sep 29, 1915 - August 1984
Aug 1, 1898 - Mar 11, 1991
Jan 5, 1901 - May 1976
around 1954 - Unknown
around 1958 - Unknown
1854 - 1854
Unknown - 1891
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
1909 - 1959
Unknown - Unknown
around 1917 - Unknown

Mcpherson Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Mcpherson family member is 68.5 years old according to our database of 15,543 people with the last name Mcpherson that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

68.5 years

Oldest Mcphersons

These are the longest-lived members of the Mcpherson family on AncientFaces.

Mar 15, 1860 - March 1974
113 years
1778 - 1889
111 years
Jun 12, 1886 - October 1992
106 years
Jan 3, 1817 - July 1923
106 years
Oct 19, 1873 - November 1978
105 years
Feb 15, 1891 - April 1996
105 years
Nov 24, 1870 - Mar 15, 1975
104 years
Jul 20, 1896 - Aug 18, 1999
103 years
Aug 27, 1872 - March 1976
103 years
Jun 20, 1895 - Mar 4, 1999
103 years

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Erlene Best
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CLEBURNE, Texas, Sept. 26. --- Mrs. Elizabeth McPherson*, 89, native of Dallas, died Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Miller, Cleburne. Daughter of Col. and Mrs. T. C. Hawpe, she was educated in Dallas and was married to J. M. McPherson in 1877. The family made their home in Dallas, later near Alvarado.

Funeral Services will be held at the Crozier-Pierson Funeral Home at 3 p.m. Monday and burial will be in the family plot near Pleasant Point.

Survivors include three sons, A. R. McPherson, Cleburne; T. C. Mcpherson, Fort Worth and J. E. McPherson, Dallas; three daughters, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. J. L. Casstevens, Alvarado, and Mrs. Ruby Yater, San Antonio, and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren .

NOTE - * Someone made a mistake when they submitted this obit to the newspaper for printing. Cora Eudora McPherson was who the obit was written about. She had a sister Selinah Elizabeth Hawpe who also married a McPherson, who was the brother of her husband. (DAH)

The Dallas Morning News -- Dallas, Dallas County, Texas -- September 27, 1943 -- Monday -- Section #1, Page #8.
Feb 11, 2011 · Reply
Erlene Best
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Deceased Was Long Time Resident of Cleburne

Mrs. Cora Elizabeth McPherson, 89, long time resident of Cleburne, died at an early hour Sunday morning following a long and serious illness at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. E. Miller, 300 Forest

Born Feb. 26, 1854, in Dallas, Mrs. McPherson was the daughter of Col. and Mrs. T. C. Hawpe. Her father was sheriff of Dallas County from 1852 to 1856, and she was born at the family home place on
Good street in Dallas.

In 1871, she was married to Jake M. McPherson and they continued to live in Dallas on the farm, which was located between Junius street and the Santa Fe Railroad in Dallas until 1886. At that time they sold the farm and moved to Alvarado, where they purchased another farm.

Mr. and Mrs. McPherson lived near Alvarado where they reared their five sons and five daughters until 1910. In 1910 they sold their
home there and moved to Cleburne where they resided since.

In August, 1921, Mr. McPherson died after a long illness but Mrs. McPherson continued to live in the home place until March of this
year, when she was moved to the home of Mrs. Miller. She had been confined to her bed for the past six years and during the past six weeks had been seriously ill.

Mrs. McPherson was a faithful member of the First Christian church, having joined when a young girl.

Last rites were conducted this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Crosier- Pearson Funeral chapel with Rev. A. D. Rogers, a retired Christian minister of Denton, officiating. He was assisted by Rev. E. Buford

Pallbearers were six of Mrs. McPherson's grandsons, and interment was in the family plot at Pleasant Point cemetery, northeast of

She is survived by three sons, A. R. McPherson, Cleburne; T. C. McPherson, Fort Worth, and J. E. McPherson, Dallas; three
daughters, Mrs. W. E. Miller, Cleburne; Mrs. J. L. Casstevens, Alvarado; and Mrs. Ruby Yater, San Antonio; 24 grandchildren and 17 great- grandchildren.

Cleburne Time Review -- Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas --
September 27, 1943 -- Monday.
Feb 11, 2011 · Reply

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