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I am a decendant of allen melton who dates back to the 1700's.before him i dont really have much info. My grandfathers name was charley melvin melton, his mothers name was mary alice{hendrix}melton, his dads name was amos w. melton,whose father was montreville melton who was married to racheal moore.william melton the third plays a part way back there somewhere.just about all of these meltons started out back east in virginia.thier country of origion i dont know.but i have pretty much thier history from virginia on.if anyone out there is interested in what i have and has some further background that they are willing to share please send it to me or contact me for compensation in sending [external link] email is:[contact link] my mailing address is harvey melton 2103 carlton st.springdale, ar.72762 i also have old photos of these people dateing back to or just before the turn of the last century{1900 or before} And it seems that the meltons and the hendrix were tied together back then too for a while, i have a picture of george washington hendrix too, mary alices dad.well write me or contact me soon.-harvey l melton, i was named after my great granddad, harvey l depriest on my mothers side, my brother, james earl was named after someone on my dads side.
Mar 21, 2009 · Reply