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Phillips Last Name History & Origin

Updated Oct 05, 2020


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Name Origin

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Early Phillipses

These are the earliest records we have of the Phillips family.

1502 - Unknown
1502 - c. 1570
1613 - c. 1673
1619 - Jul 30, 1678
1633 - October 1691
1641 - Unknown
1698 - c. 1771

Phillips Family Tree

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Most Common First Names

Sample of 20 Phillips Biographies

Unknown - Unknown
Sep 21, 1909 - December 1985
Mar 19, 1904 - March 1973
Aug 5, 1889 - August 1977
Aug 3, 1990 - Jan 13, 2007
Jun 22, 1916 - Jan 30, 2006
Oct 16, 1934 - Mar 12, 2005
Jan 22, 1910 - Apr 23, 1996
May 10, 1939 - Dec 1, 2002
Oct 2, 1898 - April 1972
Jan 16, 1918 - January 1984
Nov 27, 1886 - June 1973
Feb 3, 1919 - August 1984
Nov 5, 1905 - August 1963
c. 1972 - Unknown
c. 1959 - Unknown
c. 1963 - Unknown
Dec 16, 1913 - Dec 5, 1972
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1917 - Unknown

Phillips Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Phillips family member is 69.9 years old according to our database of 144,885 people with the last name Phillips that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

69.9 years

Oldest Phillipses

These are the longest-lived members of the Phillips family on AncientFaces.

Sep 9, 1854 - May 1977
122 years
Jun 23, 1872 - November 1987
115 years
Nov 23, 1863 - October 1978
114 years
Jul 1, 1872 - May 1986
113 years
May 5, 1870 - September 1980
110 years
Apr 8, 1879 - May 1987
108 years
Jan 13, 1895 - Nov 22, 2002
107 years
Sep 28, 1898 - Jun 7, 2006
107 years
Jun 4, 1888 - Jun 3, 1996
107 years
Jan 21, 1900 - May 16, 2007
107 years

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Toni Solomon
1 favorite
im looking for information on a Matilda May Phillips, she was born in 1905 in Ballarat and gave birth to a baby boy in the Smith Ward of the Womens hospital in Carlton on the 23rd of March 1923. Her name may not be correct but please any information could help.

Matilda May could be my great grandmother, she gave birth to my grandfather David John Phillips when she was 17, My grandfather was put into an orphanage where he stayed for about 16 years.

Any information would be helpful, at the moment i feel as though there is a big part of my family im missing out on. you can contact me through email on [contact link].

Jul 29, 2008 · Reply
Jim Robinson
3 favorites
My greatgrandfather was Solon Phillips. He was born in 1863 in Wayne County, TN. His mother's name was Hester E.
My greatgrandmother was Francis Elizabeth "Fannie" Phillips. She was born in 1869 in TN.
They were married in 1885 in Lauderdale Co., AL.
The family legend is that Solon's surname was very difficult to spell or pronounce, so he took his bride's name "Phillips" when they married.
Solon died, after being struck by lightning, in 1902. Fannie died in 1955. I was 10 years old when she died. They are both buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Lauderdale Co., AL
At the time of his death, Solon was owner (mortgaged) of over 1500 acres of farmland.

I have been totally unable to find any information about who the parents of either of them were.

I sure would appreciate it if anyone has any information or could lead me to someone who may have information.

Jim Robinson ([contact link])1058 Street Rd. Kingston Springs, TN 37082
Nov 11, 2009 · Reply
Corinne Yates
1 favorite
My gt gt grandmother was a Jane Phillips. On the birth certificate of her daughter, Caroline Jane Helrigel,born in Holborn London in 1851, her name is given as Jane Hebrigel ( should be Helrigel) formerly Phillips. In the 1861 census Frederick Helrigel's wife is not Jane but Elizabeth but I think they may be one and the same person.

Frederick came from Strasbourg,Alsace,France,where it was the custom to use the second name and not the first.Indeed as Caroline Jane grew up she become known as Jane. I cannot find a marriage for a Jane or an Elizabeth to Fredeick Helrigel or find them in the 1851 census. My gut feeling is that Jane Phillips' name may have been Jane Elizabeth and when her daughter became known as Jane she then used her second name to stop any confusion.

When Frederick Helrigel appears with wife Elizabeth in the 1861 census she is recorded as from Salisbury, Wiltshire c1821. I have found a Jane to fit this date and place, with parents Thomas and Sarah Phillips but this Jane seems to have married a William Adams in Salisbury in 1846 and lived in Hampshire in 1861. I can find no Elizabeth or Jane Elizabeth or Elizabeth Jane Phillips

I would love to know who she was. Can anyone help?
Feb 17, 2010 · Reply
Jason Slyman
6 favorites
I am hoping to find my family I live in Schenectady the phillps
Apr 30, 2014 · Reply
Wysdom Grenier
11 favorites
Im connected to Phillips on my mothers side Mother-Grandmother-Great Grand Father.. and Im looking for information about our Cherokee connection so we could register. I live in Kansas. And My Grand Fathers name is WC Phillips.
Jun 27, 2014 · Reply
Joyce Ballard
24 favorites
My Phillips ancestors lived in Cheyenne County Kansas for many many years. What do the initials WC stand for?
Oct 06, 2014 · Reply

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