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"We are starting our move to a new home in Indian Territory", sad Papa.
From the seat on the wagon she could see all the beautiful trees and streams.
She wondered, "If Papa would allow me to ride a horse, I would go looking for wild onions and garlic, for mama to put in our stew pot". Each morning she helped her Papa feed and water his horse. She like to brush his dark brown coat till it glowed in the sunshine. Some times Papa tossed her up on the horses's back and let her ride him around the wagons while Papa packed his saddlebags.

One day Papa had to drive the wagon across the big shallow river, so he let her ride his big horse across behind the wagon.

Many wagons were having trouble with the strong current and frieghtened horses. So Papa tried to help those who were in trouble.

No one paid any attention to the little girl slowly riding off into the hills to look for wild flowers and onions.

There were blue flowers and yellow ones everywhere. Sometimes she would see a few pink roses. It would be so nice to pick some to give to her mother and grandmother, who left their beautiful gardens of flowers back home.

She found a log to climb off onto and then she gathered an armfull of pretty flowers.

But when she looke up from her task she could not see her horse. He must have wandered off, and maybe went back to the wagons without her.

Back at the River all the wagons were safely across and setteling down for the nightly camp. Papa found his horse standing behind his wagon dozing in the last sunshine of the day. So he took him to the river to water him and then tied him to the night tether.

Mother was surprised when Papa did not have their little daughter with him.
Papa was surprised that mama did not have the little girl in the wagon.
They both looked around the wagon camp to see if she was playing with the other children and did not find her anywhere.

All the camp gathered to search for the little girl.

It was getting very late in the day and the little girl was tired, hungry and very thirsty as she wandered around
looking for her horse. She wished her Papa was around to help.

Everyone in camp broke off into groups to search the hills.

Some women found a few flowers laying on the grund and as they followed the trail of flowers they noticed a small bundle at the foot of a big tree.

And as they bent over the bundle it moved a little and they all screamed and jumped back.

The screaming startled the little girl and she screamed. All the screaming brought the other searchers running to their rescue, only to find them all sitting on the ground laughing.

The little girl and her family settled in the beautiful Red River Vally.

She was my grandmother and I loved to sit on her lap to listen to her stories.

We sat in her living room and watched the TV as a man walked on the moon. And I marveled that she had taken a covered wagon to her new home in the
west and was getting to see a man transported to the moon in a rocket.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply