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Per Elma Marks, her parents Henry Roth and Christina Schwabenland arrived in America on November, 1907, on the "Saxonia". Ship record located on [external link]; date of arrival is 11/12/1907; Henry stated that the couple was sponsored by his brother "Conrad Rot'(Anna's brother-in-law) at time of arrival. The ages listed for the couple when they arrived: Henry was 25 and Anna age 23. No children traveling with them. (name on ship's list also spelled as "Rot", not Roth)
Per Ancestry:(note misspelling of first name)
Kondocet Schwabenland
Arrival Date: 22 Nov 1907
Age: 24 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1883
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: German
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Saxonia
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: August Schwabenland
Last Residence: Russia
Birthplace: Denesowska, Russia
Microfilm Roll Number: 118

When Henry first arrived in Fresno, he worked in a Cooperage (was a 'bander') and rented a home until their house was built on 6th Street in Fresno. Around 1918, Henry traded this house for a ranch located in Kerman,Fresno Co., Ca.

Per 1920 US Census, Fresno Ca:
Roth, Henry M 37 Head Russia 1907 Vinland Precinct
Roth, Anna F 34 Wife Russia 1907 Vinland Precinct
Roth, Henry M 9 Son born California Vinland Precinct
Roth, 'Alma' D 2 8/12 born CA
Schwabenland, Mary mother-in-law, 60 widowed speaks German in household; came over in 1907

Per 1930 US Census, Fresno, CA:

Henry 47 married at age 24 born in Russia
Anna 44 wife 21 Russia
Henry J. 14
Elma H. 13
Helen L. 4 5/12
Schwabenland, Mary 70 widowed mother-in-law
Living 4 doors away was Conrad Winter (age 54) and his wife Katherine (age 43)
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