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Pamela Sue Shank was born to Ernest Lee Shank and Nettie Jean Bloss. She has 3 children and is currently living in Huntington, WV.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply
Dennis is the son of Ernest Lee Shank and Nettie Jean Bloss. He married his first wife Robin and they had 3 children, Dennis Shank Jr, Matthew Shank(twin), and Joseph Shank(twin)currently they reside in Huntington, WV. Dennis jr Known as DJ married Margie and has had two children Hamony Blade Shank and Annabelle Lenore Shank. Dennis and Robin divorced in Feb. of 1997. Robin has gotten custody of Harmony and is raising her. Dennis remarried in Oct. 1997 to Tonya. They have had 6 children. David, Breonna, Kevin(twin), Jaron(twin), Christopher, and Deonna. Currently they reside in SC.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply
Harold Allen Shank was born to Ernest Lee Shank and Nettie Jean Bloss in March of 1959, He died January 15, 2005 and was buried in the Bloss family cemetary. He had one daughter who is married and has 2 children. His siblings are Anna, Dennis, Jenia, and Pam.
Oct 02, 2008 · Reply

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