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John Bogue Shipman enlisted in the 1st Regt 3rd Brc 9th Div of Ohio Militia on Apr 5 1834. afterwards transferred to the 4th Rifle Con 7th Regt-2nd Brig 21 st Div. honorably diseagned June 1, 1841. After moving to the west Va,he was a guide and scout with Federal Army under Gen McChellan Rosecrane, He guided the first troops what is now W.Va. John's son Samuel Wires Shipman served in Gen Custer's Div. thru Civil War, enlisted 1861,Co 3rd W.Va. At one time during the war his squardon was detailed to escort some supply wagons thru a rugged pass in the hills of W.Va. There was a high rock cliffs opposite the road they were traveling on. The enemy had been informed and were concealed back of the cliff and opened fire as the wagons approached many were killed or wounded. Samuel's horse was shot from under him and thought to be dead. He was not hurt but his brother George Washington Shipman was severely wounded with a ball thrue both hip's. When rhe Confedereters gathered the wounded and prisoner's, George was left to die on the roadside. Samuel stayed by his side til he was taken away to prison. Many hours after all were gone Samuel's horse came to conscioueness, got to his feet and staggeres about., Finally he came close enough for George to call him by his name "Pont", He emimedieatily came to George at a quick glance he saw that the horse had only a scalp wound. Ehen Pont lowered his head George caught hold his reins, started to crawl. Son they came to a stump and George began working to get atop the stomp, he did and worked his way up the saddle and proceded down the road. He finally came to a farm house and called at the gate, he was answered by a colored man and told him about the battle and about his condition. The landlady had the colored man to bring him in and they cared for him the best they could. When they learned his name and where he was from the landlady asked if he would be any kin to Samuel Shipman who married Cora Tallmen, her cousin, his reply "only his brother is all' she was sure surprised. He then recieved the bst of care then sent to the hospital were his life was saved. Samuel was released from prison by exchanged and as was their custom he went back on duty and served the remainder of the war. samuel was in the battle of Riebr Mountain in Randolph Co. w.Va. and he was at Appomattox when Gen. Lee surrenered he was one of 15 men detailed to go for Gen. Grant and was close enough to see the part when Gen Lee handed his sward to Gen Grant. Samuel's paper's were in the posession of Mrs. Laola E. shipman Simmons.
Jun 04, 2006 · Reply