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Updated Jan 26, 2023


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Kimberly Bailey commented on Mar 21, 2008
I'm the grandaughter of Ishmael Stacy of Knott county, Kentucky. s/o William Stacy and Jennie Williams. s/o George Stacy and Jane Hurt. I'm still looking for George's parents names. Ishmael was born may 31, 1915 and died December 12, 1955. He married Serena Miller and they had ten children. I know he was born in Dwarf, Kentucky.
CYnthia Clarke commented on Mar 18, 2009
The story has genealogy and obituaries on the Stacy's Combs, Bakers, and Walkers is about a man named John Walker (his wife was Winnie Stacy) who once lived in Hazard,Kentucky. His father (also John) was the Rev.John Walker who was the first baptist preacher in the area. His father fed, preached, kept up morale and entertained the entire town during the depression, then John's father died from injuries he suffered in an explosion in 1940 from a Virgina coal company while at an Ecology meeting.

The town changed after his death, and WWII was brewing. John and many men went into the service, the fun was over, but the towns people started drives and helped one another. This book tells how they managed during WWII.

After WWII John Jr. moves his family north to Indiana and that's where his journey begins.
His journey starts with the grocery store he bought, to learning to fly a plane,and Walking the Appalachian and Jenny Wiley trail.

That's only the beginning. He excavates the body of a former Presidential cabinet member of President Lincolns. When the grave is opened, the body is not there. Find out why in the book.

He's invited to the White House for a tour, he had a collection of 8 Truman Scrap books with every article he could find on Truman,and it ends with the marriage of his daughter Margaret Truman.

[external link]
is the book web page address it tells where to buy the book and gives other links, more stories and pictures
Feel free to e-mail me at [contact link] if you have any questions.

This book gets 5-stars (highest rating) at Target, and Barnes and Nobles and it offers genealogy on some of the Bakers, Walkers, Stacy's and Combs, there are pictures and obituaries of the families around Hazard, Ky. It also offers web pages of other stories and pictures, and places to get shirts and hats with a picture of the book cover on it. This book offers so much for so little!
Lisa Stacy commented on Aug 07, 2014
Wanting to connect with my Stacy family
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