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Updated Jan 19, 2022


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Pamela Moseley commented on Apr 13, 2009
When I first stared,my research on Elizabeth,I started by Looking in My grandparents Family Cemetery. Mt Olive Cemetry in Bolivar Missouri.Polk Co.I grew up with alot of Family History around me. My Mother is Patricia L.Waggoner.Born Apr 02,1937. My GrandFather was Oscar Linuel WaggonerBrn:May08,1906-Dec28,1975.HIs father took alot of research.I didn't have a copy of his birth certficate.My Great aunt told me stories about my Grand father & his Family I never heard before.A lady came to Bolivar, and told the importance of FamilyHistory. My grandmother was neve one for that kind of foolishness as she called.Her sister Blance mcWhorter(my aunt)told me diferently. I got to takling w/myGrand father and he would tell me bits & pieces about his father John Martin Palmer WaggonerBorn in March30,1857 & died Oct06,1947.His wife wasMary Iown Bewley.As I got older my grandfather would tell me a little more.I remembered.Mygreat Aunt Ethel. she lived in Kansas.We all went to visit her.She wrote a story about what she could remember about her family growing up.Her Father Was Joseph Waggoner(no middle name).His wife was Elizabeth Washburn Waggoner.I have eeb looking for a so called 2nd husband,& maybe other Husbans & wives.Thanks to the Family of cousins Like Michael Waggoner & Maureen Waggoner I got actual pictures & info of people related to me. so thisis my story. I am publically post on daughter & I have been working on our family tree along time.My daughter use to tease me say I spent more time on the dead instead of the living. I am planning on going Oklahoma, and walking the cemetry in Hennessey Where there are alot of Waggoner,Mahons,etc are buried.I did the @MtOlive Cemetery & MtView Cemetry in Bolivar,Mo. I like to travel speak alittle french,Spanish & can remebe a little german. I would love to hear fromany one I can help,or mighthelp me for the quest of Family. Pam Moseley
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