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Browse the history of Brazil through vintage photographs.

A photo of Gerônimo Machão, father of my grandmother.
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Gerônimo Machão
Died: 1945
A photo of Prof. Oscar Augusto Guelli, Diretor do Grupo Escolar de Aparecida/SP
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Oscar Augusto Guelli
Apr 12, 1898 - Nov 6, 1974
Jose Antonio & Francisca Rangel, campinas SP, Brasil
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Present Chief of the Institutional Security Cabinet of Brazil
Collage of the Scheidl family of Brazil and Argentina, some of the people in the collage: herbão, turca, felipe, herb's, samira, half, karl, katia e seus descendentes.
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A photo of Cosme Brailko of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Tambem vou um BERESKA e resido em SÂO PAULO -BRASIL Translation: A photo of Vanderlei Bereska - I live in Sao, Paulo, Brazil.
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Brazilian identification card for José Francisco da Costa of São Paulo, Brazil from 1967.
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Família de Tomáz e Dolores Soler of Paraná, Brazil in 1958. Names of the Soler family members not offered by the submitter.
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This is an old relic photo of my great-grandmother, Maria Pereira, taken around 1930 and 1940, she lived in the up-country of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and worked at coffee plantations. She is holding Santa Luzia as a payment for a promess accomplished involving an eye disease which has been cured, the white dress is a part of the promess that she made to Santa Luzia.
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meu avo Pedro Tiengo com seus filhos Antonio Tiengo,Andre Tiengo, os demais nao lembro eu era muito pequena quando ganhei esta foto
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Teresa Cristina was the daughter of the Duke of Calabria and she married the Emperor of Brazil when she was 21. (He was 17, it was an arranged marriage - a state marriage.) (It is believed that the Emperor received a picture of her before their marriage that was actually of a more beautiful woman. They then had to get dispensation from the Pope to marry because they were closely related.) After their marriage by proxy, the Emperor finally saw her - then immediately turned around and left. She wrote home: "I know my appearance is different from what has been announced. I will make every effort to live in such a way that nobody will be misled by my character. It will be my ambition to resemble the nature of Dona Leopoldina, my husband's mother, and to be a Brazilian with all my heart in everything I do."
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Teresa Cristina
Born: Mar 14, 1822
Emperor Pedro II of Brazil who ruled Brazil for 58 years (1831 - 1889). His birth name was (english translation): Peter of Alcantara John Charles Leopold Savior Vivian Francis Xavier of Paula Leocadio Michael Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga Pedro II sounds much easier!
Taken in 1905 in Brazil. My great-great grandfather Salvatore Interlicchia is the first man seated on the left with the Baritone in his lap.
Celito Medeiros: When Medeiros came to America, they thought to gather in the U.S., however there were 2 United States - USA & United States of Brazil. This was a great family problem! Today I am in Brazil & related to the Medeiros' of USA. We are also successful here!
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