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A photo of Floyd Farrar, Sailor, US Navy from 1958 thru 1962 aboard US Navy Minesweeper home ported at Long Beach CA
People in this photo:
John E Berryman with BIV Wack and Poker game while in service do you know who any of these men are?
One of many Photos that I have of my Father William Graham. I am not sure were this photo was taken. Graham traveled all over the US starting in 1926 thru 1941. When he disappeared he may have rejoined the Merchant Marines. A Christmas wish of a five year old, remains a wish 56 years later to a senior citizen. My father, William Graham disappeared July 1949. My mother, my sister, nor I know what happened to him. A body has never been found. Every year as the joy of Christmas draws near there is this wish of a child thats been with me all my life. The wish that my father might return home would be the greatest gift that I could receive. 56 years have past, no father. The wish is alive and well. As a senior citizen, my wish is to hear from any family members that may be still living. I have left no stone unturned in my search, its as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. Please know that I expect no one to try and find him. Want to share with others, maybe this Christmas the right person will read this note. A little information about Mr. Graham: William Graham born April 5, 1906 died ?????. SS# 044-12-1321. I did send for SS-5 forum. This record states William Graham (No Middle Name listed) is the S/o William Graham and Ethel Mitchell, born in Philadelphia, Pa., Have not been able to locate a birth record or information concerning his parents. Met my mother in Newport News, Va. Married my mother, Anna Maschek in Camden, North Carolina Jan. 1940. Records say that Graham was born in Philadelphia County, Pa. No census record was ever found. Graham joined the Merchant Marines abt. 1926. Aborad ship he traveled all over the U S and other countries. I have a picture of Mr. Graham if anyone is interested.Last Letter received from Los Angeles, Ca. Thank you for reading about my wish, Dorothy Email---- DM ea 986657 @aol.com
Charles B. Freeman - Commissaryman possing for picture in the mess hall.
People in this photo:
Charles Freeman
Born: Aug 17, 1934
Donald Elwin Hart in his US Army Airforce uniform taken in 1951 in Wisconsin. Age between 18 & 20
People in this photo:
Donald E Hart
Mar 27, 1928 - Sep 20, 2007
Libby, MT
This was taken in Kitzen, Germany. I was assigned to the seventh Army. Our company was one half mile from where Pvt Presely was also stationed. My MOS was company clerk and also headquarters clerk.
People in this photo:
Thomas Lacey
Born: Apr 22, 1938
While stationed in Turkey, loved flying to Athens, Greece
People in this photo:
Otis K Pace
Born: Mar 20, 1940
First joined the Air Force
People in this photo:
Otis K Pace
Born: Mar 20, 1940
This is a photo of U.S. Army Missile Company added by ThomasDillon Lacey on December 10, 2003.
I am on the left, youngest daughter and child of sevenchildren of Albert H. Silveira and Emma Guerette(Garrette). I was working the train from Berlin to Frankfurt when I was in the Army. My job was to make sure no one got on or off the train while traveling through East Germany.This was a temporary job which was special duty and you got paid extra for doing it.
People in this photo:
Thea A Silveira
Born: Mar 16, 1961
Lee Grundy & Anna Marie (Little) Barker's children: son - Alpheus "Allie" Carlisle Barker and his wife Charlotte "Lottie" Opal (Roger) Barker; daughter-in-law Adelia Temperance "Tempa" (Hamlin)Barker; daughter, Lela Belle (Barker) Lett; Daughter, Myrtle R. (Barker) Norris and husband, William Henry Norris.
People in this photo:
Mrytle R Barker Norris
Born: May 13, 1897
Jim Brock and I (Ron Dakin) at a reunion in St. Louis in 1998, where we struck the same poses as in the picture of us in Japan in 1956.
My friend Jim Brock and I were stationed in the Army in northern Japan in the 1950's. We were both sergeants back then. This is us in 1956.
Dad on the steps of his Orange Grove home. I recognise the leather shaving kit! Can't believe how long it's lasted. Ron is also featured on the header graphic in the "family" section of this website with his twin sister, Connie. He was quite a bit younger in that photo!
Main gate Phalsborg AFB, France would like to talk to anyone else that was there.
Captain Robert G. Dosè, USN, commanding officer, USS Midway (CVA-41), buying first automobile seat belts in ship’s safety campaign, 1961. As CO of VX-3, he and Lcdr. Paul Miller flew the first carrier-to-carrier transcontinental flight, 6 June 1957, USS Bon Homme Richard in the Pacific to USS Saratoga in the Atlantic, 208 minutes, in F-8 Crusaders.
People in this photo:
This is a photo of Private B R Elliott added by Unknown User on April 14, 2002.
This photo was taken during basic training. I would love to hear from anyone who might have served with B R Elliott.
Pvt. E2 Louis G. Schreiner 5th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division in our barracks.
SP4 Al Becker a career trooper from Buffalo, NY aiming his .45 caliber pistol near the range at Baumholder. Left the 504 and went to the LURPS.
This windmill is near Amsterdam, Holland. I had gone there on leave and went to the areas the 82nd Airborne Division fought during WWII.
The entire 1/503 Airborne Battle Group, 82nd Airborne Division jumped these C-123s this day.
Home of the 1/503 Airborne Battle Group, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC.
Weapons Platoon 1/504 waiting to go to the field,Lee Barracks,Mainz/Gonsenheim,Germany.
Advanced infantry training, 5th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. We are all Private E2s.
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Numb again, loved that Rhine wine, one mark a bottle.
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Feeling no pain due to over indulgence of Rhine wine.
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Sp4 Louis G. Schreiner
Born: Feb 8, 1942
The Woodies were so called due to their red hair. This taken prior to a jump.
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