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Browse the history of Idaho through vintage photographs.

A photo of Zerita Hansen - She is with her sisters and a brother.. Maxine, Sue, Shirley and Don
People in this photo:
Zerita Marie Hansen
Aug 10, 1937 - Jan 12, 2007
Rupert, ID
A photo of Zerita Marie Hansen - Two sisters.. Zerita and Shirley Yoder
People in this photo:
Zerita Marie Hansen
Aug 10, 1937 - Jan 12, 2007
Rupert, ID
A photo of Zerita Hansen working at the drug store in Burley, Id
People in this photo:
Zerita Marie Hansen
Aug 10, 1937 - Jan 12, 2007
Rupert, ID
A photo of Rudy Bernardo Bangi and daughter gidget marie bangi age four
People in this photo:
I've "rescued" an old photograph of William W. CALKINS which appears to have been taken in the 1870's. William appears to be in his teens or 20's at the time it was taken. An obituary is attached on the back which indicates that William died 26 Oct 1884 of consumption at the age of 32. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding William and his family: William W. CALKINS was b. abt 1852 in Illinois the son of Isaac Gurnsey CALKINS (1825-1902) and Ann Martin BRIGGS (b. 1827). William was one of 4 children born to this couple including, William W.; Elmina G. “Minnie”; Mattie; and Norman CALKINS, all born between 1852 and 1871. William was the first telegraph operator in Idaho. William was married to Jane W. “Jennie” ALLINGTON (1861-1935) and had a son, Gurnsey Allington CALKINS (1884-1950). William died 26 Oct 1884 in Boise, ID and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Boise. After his death his son Gurnsey was adopted by his step-father Daniel FRENCH. Gurnsey died in 1950 and is also buried in the same cemetery as his father William. Census records provide the following details: 1860 census of Western, IL: Isaac G. CALKINS, age 35, a Farmer Anna CALKINS, wife, age 33 William CALKINS, age 8 A. CALKINS, age 6 Charles CALKINS, age 7 months Mary GORDIN, age 18 1870 census of Chicago, IL: Isaac G. CALKINS, age 44, an Agent, born NY Anna M. CALKINS, age 43, Keeping House, born ME William CALKINS, age 18, a Telegraph Operator, born IL Minnie CALKINS, age 16, at School, born IL Mattie CALKINS, age 2, at Home, born IL 1880 census of Boise City, ID: William CALKINS, age 28, a Merchant, born IL, parents born NY/MA I am hoping to locate someone from William’s family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of his family. If you are a member of his family or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley
People in this photo:
William W. Calkins
1852 - Oct 26, 1884
Lola Pabst getting ready to pick spuds in Lorenzo, Idaho in 1935 (age 15).
People in this photo:
Lorenzo, Idaho class photo from 1929. Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. Miss Tibbetts (teacher) and students. Lola Pabst, 2nd row fifth the left.
People in this photo:
My dad, Leonard John Chapman, was a first rate, Fly Fisherman! Here he has a few fish, while visiting his sister in Idaho.
People in this photo:
Leonard John Chapman
May 22, 1909 - Jul 13, 2005
Anaheim, CA
A photo of the Gavin Ranch in Orofino, Idaho. Photo rescued from antique store in Seaside, Oregon on January 24, 2015. Back says "Mr.and Mrs. Gavin, on our ranch, Orofino, Idaho." Might be Henry and Azalia Gavin - contacting family on Ancestry.com to see if this is one of their relatives.
Quartzburg,Boise Co.,Idaho c.1924: Mining town west of Pioneerville that existed until destroyed by fires in the late 20s and 30s.Home to the Beary,Daly and other families who later moved down to Boise.
Photo of me, Cecily G. Roszell in Idaho, at my Grandma Mifflin's (Mary K. Peckham Roszell Mifflin) house in the Summer of 1969.
People in this photo:
Cecily G. Roszell
Born: Oct 1,948, 02
A photo of Lydia Adeline (Webb) Thueson of Idaho Falls, Idaho. No date offered by the submitter.
People in this photo:
Lydia Adeline (Webb) Thueson
Born: Dec 1,877, 23
Ray D. Thueson from Rigby, Idaho, taken in 1957.
People in this photo:
Ray D. Thueson
Born: Sep 1,905, 30
William Jackson Lafayette Cain and Pansy Mae "Dolly" Hurworth Daniels on their wedding day on September 1, 1950 in Boise, Idaho..
Old Reeper Steam Tractor and threshing Machine on the old Parker Ranch near Culdesac, Idaho (?).
Grandpa (no first name given) Parker's stationary thrashing machine on the Parker family ranch in Idaho.
Horse drawn combines by our Grandpa Parker on the Parker family ranch near Culdesac, Idaho. Date unknown.
This photo of an unknown woman was found in an antique shop in Idaho.
A photo of an unknown woman. The photo was found in a shop in Idaho.
Margaret Sturman Perkins (how about the hat!) and her husband James B Perkins owned the Pocatello House, a fancy hotel in Pocatello, Idaho from 1900 to 1948. She opened her hotel to traveling servicemen during WWII when the local barracks overflowed. She was my maternal great(2x)Aunt. Uncle Jim used to chase my mother through the halls of the hotel in his wheel chair, so she told me.
People in this photo:
This is a photo of Idaho spuds presented to vice president. Washington,... added by Ancient Faces on January 8, 2012.
This is a photo of Boise, Idaho 1909 added by Ancient Faces on January 5, 2012.
Child of a migratory farm laborer in the field during the harvest of the community center's cabbage crop, FSA labor camp, Tex.
George, Millie & Billy Brewer in Boise Idaho in 1947.
People in this photo:
George A. Brewer
Born: July 1920
Unknown mystery photo of a girl on a porch entitled "Ethel Mae on Porch of home Boise, Idaho". Photo was found in an antique shop in Bellingham Washington.
People in this photo:
Henrich (Henry) Ottman, Taken about 1890-1900 Weiser, Washington, Idaho, USA
People in this photo:
Henrich Ottman
Born: 1826
Dow Dunning was an Idaho State Senator from about 1911-1913. He is my Great Grandfather. Weller John (Jack) Dunning was his son. John Woodrow Dunning was Jack's son and I (Dennis Leonard Dunning) am John's Son.
People in this photo:
Dow Dunning
Born: Aug 10, 1858
Floyd Allen Family Generation photo.. . on left, Nancy Allen Weitfle holding son, Brian Weitfle. Nancy is with her parents, Floyd Allen and Ethel Tasker Allen. Celebrating Floyd's birthday!
People in this photo:
Painting owned by Rudderow family, supposedly of "Uncle Billy" who was involved in running the French blockade of England ~1765-1820. Nothing else known. Rudderow/Janney/Richardson families were living in Wilmington, Delaware when this painting entered their family.
A photo of Beryl Sprague. Photo found in antique store. This is not my family line. Photo stamped "Caldwell, Idaho" back says "Beryl Sprague". Thru resesarch, I suspect this may be Beryl Edward Sprague born 1908 died 1929. Possible son of Charles and Georgia (Rominger) Sprague. Original photo to be given to family researcher.
People in this photo:
Beryl Sprague
1908 - 1929
Graduation photo of my cousin, Nancy Lynn Allen.
People in this photo:
This baby is weraring a white long sleeve dress. Looks like white shoes or booties. Looks like a fake fur on a chair with scrolls on the back.
Baby wearing a long, white, long sleeve dress. Looks to be a christening dress. Picture was taken by Eggan studio at Moscow, ID.
Baby wearing white looks like a christening dress. The picture was taken at Ilo, Idaho. Ilo, Idaho has not existed since 1920. Ilo, Idaho and Volmer, Idaho joined in a cerimony in June 1920 and the towns were renamed Craigmont, Idaho.
Gertrude Kroetch, born 1904, and Joseph Kroetch, born 1906. Children of Joseph Kroetch (died Idaho, 1962) who was the son of Angeline and Joseph Kroetch.
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