Gavin Ranch, Idaho

A photo of the Gavin Ranch in Orofino, Idaho. Photo rescued from antique store in Seaside, Oregon on January 24, 2015. Back says "Mr.and Mrs. Gavin, on our ranch, Orofino, Idaho." Might be Henry and Azalia Gavin - contacting family on [external link] to see if this is one of their relatives.
Date & Place: in Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho United States 83544
None / Unknown

Updated Dec 12, 2016

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Patti Hutterli
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Kathy Pinna
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Patti Hutterli
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This photo was reunited with family on March 23, 2015!
Mar 23, 2015 · Reply
Kathy Pinna
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That's so exciting, Patti - how did the family find you and the photo??
Mar 23, 2015 · Reply
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