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A lithograph is a printing process invented in 1796

Lithography uses a stone or metal plate to create a copy of a printed page or artwork. The process was invented in 1796 by actor/author Alois Senefelder as a cheap way to print theater posters but has been used continuously since then (with improvements along the way). These are some examples of lithography during the past 200 years.

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Taken in New York, NY USA in .
Lithograph of hats designed in the Paris atelier of Madame Carlier in 1897.... more
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Taken in Cincinnati, OH USA in .
Ivory Soap advertisement from 1898 showing a pioneer washing with Ivory soap... more
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Taken in .
Tobacco label showing beautiful girl near fence, looking out to sea through... more
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John Ross, a Cherokee chief / drawn, printed & coloured at the Lithographic &... more
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Girl holding doll and boy with dog in waiting room at railroad station] / The... more
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