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David Paul Wilcox Sr
Dec 9, 1942 - Sep 8, 1993

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Ann (Wilcox) Nays-Tibbetts Charles was my fathers step brother David P.Wilcox by John Serak&Rose (Marion) Carr, who remarried Carl H. Frahm. I know this because I was sent my grandmothers obituary.My dad told us that he was adopted but didn't know much of his family. My dad was born 1942 there was a big age differents in Charles and my dad, and I don't think I ever meant Charles. But I found photos and well be up load them soon. My father's name at the time of his birth was Paul Wilcox, and my dance mother was named Zelma Wilcox. I know she was 17 years old when she gave birth to my dad.but later when he was adopted his adopted parents left Paul as his middle name and Added "David"as his first.
Jan 04, 2014 · posted to the person Charles D Serak
Ann (Wilcox) Nays-Tibbetts This was my dad when he with in army I think it was 1960
Jan 08, 2014 · posted to the photo David P Wilcox Sr
Ann (Wilcox) Nays-Tibbetts My dad David P. Wilcox Sr. With my grandfather right Harold G.Bigelow. He was a wonderful man who loved to fish, ice fishing and regular fishing.He also loved giving us peppermint breath mintsā™„ He really loved us grandkids, there were 9 of us grand. andKids and 2 great grandkids.
Jan 05, 2014 · posted to the photo Harold G Bigelow
Ann (Wilcox) Nays-Tibbetts I was wondering if zelma lived in michigan in 1942
Jan 04, 2014 · posted to the person Zelma L Wilcox