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Carrie Grace McCoy
Born: Aug 24, 1982
rush city, MN, United States

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Carrie Mccoy-gernert Randolph McCoy, my great great Uncle: My biological father is/was Garcie Charles McCoy and his Father was Garcie McCoy my grandpas father was the late Leland McCoy and mother Elisa McCoy(I do believe was her name) and Leland McCoy was the great great grandson of Randolph "Old Randall" McCoy so that would make Randolph McCoy my great great Uncle if I've got that right relationship wise that is. If I've got relationship connection mixed up please let me know so it can be fixed. Thank you. My name is Carrie Grace McCoy and have a younger brother who was named after my grandpas father Leland my brother is Leland Jacob McCoy. I just wanted to say that I'm very proud to have the last name McCoy and even when I was adopted at 16yr old I never and will never get rid of my last name it is who I am and what's apart of my past and present its s part of our history and I own and wear it well. - Carrie Grace McCoy
Feb 20, 2014 · posted to the person Randolph "Old Randall" Mccoy