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Lil Doody john along with his brothers Matt and Wilbert never married, ran the family dairy farm their parents settled on ss immigrants and cared for their mother who had suffered a stroke.
May 12 · posted to the person John Teikari
Lil Doody "Jack" was born in Wakefield, Mi, third child to immigrant parents Maria Wallimaki and Matt Teikari joining brothers John and Matt. Eva, Marie, Wilbert, Larry and Arne eventually arrived as siblings. The family relocated to the community of Paynesville where they farmed and had horses and dairy cows. Jack attended the local school and as a teenager did not like working on the farms so he left and worked in the lumber camps and occasionally returned home. He married young, his first wife a neighbor girl, Mary, and together had one child who died in early infancy and she passed a few months later. He later married elma lampi and they had two daughters, evelyn and shirley. Multiple moves between michigans Upper and Lower Peninsula ensued in search of employment...he graduated from barber school but it is not known if he was ever employed in the profession but did social haircuts for the neighbor men in the farm kitchen in Ewen. This was always a coffee drinking occasion with the men taking turns sitting backwards on the old oak kitchen chair and jack happily cutting hair on to the floor. In the UP, he worked in the CCC camps, lumbering, copper mining. It is unknown what work he did in the Detroit area. The marriage between alma and jack ended in divorce and the girls eventually left michigan to join their mother. Jack then remarried lillian shelton, a dimpled divorced mother with a young daughter, lois, and they settled onto the farm on Hall Rd in Ewen. They had a daughter, me. This marriage also ended in divorce. Jack later married the housekeeper, anna waisanen, and they remained married until jacks death in 1985. Jack had severe ear infections as a child which left him very hard of hearing. A fall as a child also left him with a large scar on the top of his head. He compensated by lip reading and was very good at it but it did hamper communication with him. Six feet tall, olive skinned and steel blue eyes made him a very handsome man in his youth. He spoke fluent Finnish as well as English. Very mechanical, he could fix about anything. He was not one to socialize much but on rare occasion would attend a family celebration and sauna nights at his sister Marie's were enjoyed..
Oct 09, 2014 · posted to the person Jacob Taeger