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Maudie Howard Jiskoot Angelia Farinas Jiskoot was my Mother-In-Law for many, many years, until her passing. I married her oldest child, Bjorn Jiskoot, Sr. We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren, with a 3rd on the way. She would visit us often, as we would travel to NY to visit her as often as possible. Her heart was as big as they come. She was beautiful inside and out. I remember one time she sent us gift to FL from NY. They were ski jackets. I couldn't help but laugh, since it doesn't really snow here, much less do we have any ski resorts. Her heart was in the right place though. We spoke so often on the phone. My son (her first grandchild) adored his Granny Angelita. I also remember one time during a visit to our house, she wanted to try and ride a bike. Didn't go so well. She went about 10 feet before falling over with it. We all laughed so much. No matter when we lived (military life) she always made time for us and the rest of her family with visits, letters, cards and phone calls. I have one of the most beautiful pictures of her when she was at her prime singing opera ( I would loved to have known her then). I must have my son help me post it on here. My son has a beautiful voice also, which I know he get from his Granny Angelita.
Nov 07, 2017 · posted to the person Angelita Jiskoot

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