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M.c C. Anest Evris J. ANEST went to the United States when he was very young, with his brother named Eteoclis, he was an american citizen, he worked in New York. He had been enlisted in Army, enlistment date August, 15, 1942, in the Branch Immaterial or General Officers branch during the World War II. He was at the time of enlistment at the age of 44, was single, without dependants, stood 65 inches tall, weighed 164 pounds, and had an education level of 4 years of High school. Army serial Number: 32429586. He went later to Cyprus, and got married in 1949 with Maria Kyprianou, and were born 3 children. He lived there until he dead on april, 10th, 1972. He was speaking english but just a little greek when he arrived in Cyprus in 1949. He used to receive and was only reading new papers that he received every week. He had returned 4 times to the USA for a stay of one month with his son, in the 60'. Only one grand child is bearing now his surname.
Aug 13 · posted to the person Evris J Anest