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Randy Waltemath It has now been 10 years since our beloved mother passed away in 2007. Oh how the world & our country have changed since her passing.....Mom would definitely be shocked at all the changes in our society & what her son & daughter (Randy & Becky) have had to put up with by the remnants of the Rockey family such as dis-owned cousins & other people our mother once knew. We both miss her beautiful smile, her laughter & her steady strength of character & compassion not only for both of us but for others. Our beloved mother was a real lady with class & dignity, shows you how well our grandparents raised her. Mom was never afraid to speak her mind on any given subject & she was a very devoted Christian lady & is now a child of God in heaven, free from the pain, sorrow & grief of Alzheimers Disease which ravaged her body & her brilliant mind. My sister & I will always remember the yearly camping trips we took up north to Charlevoix MI & the trips she made to visit me in California & the sights we saw together such as Hearst Castle; Muir Woods; the rides on the trolley cars in San Francisco; riding the BART train all around the Bay Area; shopping in Tijuana Mexico along with her friend Carolyn Schauweker; when Mom & my sister attended my graduation at The Ohio State University, Columbus OH; and Mom & me attending the graduation of my sister Becky @ Apollo Career Center in Lima OH from the nursing career program. Our mom always lit up a room with her beautiful smile. Her wisdom & strength of character amongst a million more of her personality traits is what held our family together growing up. Mom truly was our "rock of Gibraltar".....now she is gone physically from both of us but not spiritually......she continues to keep watch over me & Becky & has showed us many spiritual signs after she passed away. While many others have forgotten our mother during these last 10 years, my sister & I NEVER will. Written & updated by her son & daughter, Randy T. & Rebecca A. Waltemath, also the son & daughter of the late William E. Waltemath (d. 1971)---our dad & Mom's husband......we both give thanks to BOTH of our parents. May they rest in peace surrounded by the perpetual light of God's heavenly kingdom for all eternity. Submitted/Updated April 27th, 2017
Apr 27, 2017 · posted to the person Marceil Ruth (Rockey) Waltemath

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