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Marceil Ruth (Rockey) Waltemath
Aug 12, 1922 - Feb 21, 2007
Lima, OH, United States

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Randy Waltemath My mother Marceil Rockey Waltemath had a wonderful zest for life & a beautiful smile to go along with it. She got these character traits [and so many more] from her parents James K. & Edna [Wiley] Rockey. Mom always thought of other people first before herself. She lived through the Great Depression in 1929 at such an early age Mom knew how to be frugal with finances & everything else without being cheap. One example is the mortgage on our house my brother & I grew up in, got all paid off after our dad died while other friends of our parents still had many years to go to pay off their house mortgages. Mom excelled in accounting. Thats why she majored in it at Ohio Northern Univ. in Ada OH. She went back to college after our dad died to finish up her education to get her degree in Accounting, however, she dropped out of college during the WW2 war years to marry our dad so going back to college after his passing was no easy step for Mom, but she did graduate from ONU and got a very good position at Blue Cross/Blue Shield as Senior Medicare Officer for the entire regional area of Lima OH and beyond. She excelled in her position at BC/BS for a long time. Afterwards Mom took a very well deserved retirement where she took up golf and played at many golf courses in the Lima area as well as other states where she did alot of traveling with friends since me & my brother were out of the house and on our own. She visited NYC and the Twin Towers long before the 9/11 terrorist attacks on NYC and the Pentagon. One of her favorite things was watching the good old black and white movies from the 1930s onward on Turner Classic Movies [TCM] and during that time she bought a new fangled VCR where she could rent VCR movies from the library and watch all the old time movies she grew up with. She also did alot of reading of books from the public library on all different subjects. My mom was one of our public library's favorite patrons. "Mom: You raised me and my brother Randy well. We both are soooo appreciative of everrrrything you and Dad did for us. We both think of you everyday. Randy is right: we both did follow the 4th Commandment of honoring thy father and mother when you became terminally ill with Alzheimers". Both of us would do it ALL OVER AGAIN FOR YOU. May the eternal light of Heaven perpetually shine upon you now and for ALL ETERNITY. We both tried our best to give you a glorious send off at your funeral.Nobody can ever replace you Mom. XXOO From your daughter Becky and your son Randy..
Sep 23, 2013 · posted to the person Marceil Waltemath
Randy Waltemath Our mother was born Ruth Marceil Rockey, daughter of James K. & Edna Wiley-Rockey. She married our father William E. Waltemath on April ? 1945 in San Angelo TX. Our father was a Lt. in the Army Air Corps where he trained pilots to fly B-52 planes that would go on the long flight missions overseas. San Angelo had an airbase at that time. It no longer exists now. After WW2 was over, our parents relocated back to Lima OH where our father became an Insurance Adjuster in the Lima OH region. He died at age 50 in our area. Our mother never remarried & she is buried beside him. I am their son Randy who is updating all our mothers vital information which was incorrectly input by a former extended family member. My sister Becky & I are the last two remaining survivors of our family. "Mom and Dad": You both done good raising both me and Becky".
Sep 23, 2013 · posted to the person Marceil Waltemath
Randy Waltemath Mazrceil Waltemath has two surviving children, Randy T. Waltemath & Rebecca A. Waltemath. I am her son who is updating all of my mothers informtionl. Mom: Becky & I miss you terribly even since you have been gone over 6 years. You are/were the best mother in the entire universe. We both think of you daily and we hope we did you PROUD with the "send off" we both gave you at your funeral. As we both were your caregivers during the last 10 years of your life, Becky & I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN for you. We both did it all for you because we love you so much and we both dont want anrewards or recognition. The 4th Commandment says: "Honor thy father and mother" and that is the guiding principle we followed. Becky & I both know you are at peace now and no longer suffering from Alzheimers Disease. We both thank you for EVERYTHING you did for us. Becky & I are your legacies, trying to do you proud.
Sep 23, 2013 · posted to the person Marceil Waltemath

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