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Dorothy Louise Ordwein
Sep 15, 1914 - Mar 20, 2009
Lusby, MD, USA
Ora Rebecca (Tipton) Ordwein
Sep 6, 1893 - Apr 12, 1978
Phillip Louis Ordwein
Feb 17, 1891 - November 1945
Phyllis Lucille (Ordwein) Carey
Mar 8, 1930 - Aug 4, 1973

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Rebecca Carey Dottie Ordwein, age 94 and going strong; her just completed effort: getting the new dining hall built at West River Methodist Camp.
Aug 26, 2018 · posted to the photo Dorothy Louise (Ordwein) Ordwein
Rebecca Carey Dottie was a force of nature, an unrelenting dynamo of lifelong service, pouring herself out for others. Egoless, but hyper-focused on the goal. Once she took up a cause, she would enlist (make that insist) and motivate the involvement of many many others and go on as a collective effort to engender real, positive, useful, practical, change in the world. She led from behind and was enormously respected and loved by those with whom she served. She got the best out of everybody she touched. I never knew just how deep and wide her influence was until her health failed and folks began visiting to pay their respects in her final months. There were so many people all day every day asking the nurse's station to buzz them in, that the Home just threw up their hands and left the door open. The count of her visitors in three months surpassed by orders of magnitude any prior numbers. Thousands, literally. She was our family matriarch, my maternal aunt and fairy godmother, and I loved her dearly, disagreed (as a young adult) with her a lot (she was very particular about things), and I miss her every day. I know she's now in heaven organizing the angels into work groups and outreach missions, whatever is needed, whether they meant to sign up for it or not!
Aug 26, 2018 · posted to the person Dorothy Louise Ordwein