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Robin Goodwin The records at the state historical society in Atlanta Ga. states the following information from his prison records: conviction date was Jan. 1930. Served 10 months of a 12 month sentence for possesion of liquor. Reason for early release: son,Jessie, in poor health. Records describe William as a "hopeless cripple walking on his hands and knees."
Nov 30, 2014 · posted to the person William Lashley
Robin Goodwin i never got the pleasure of meeting my greatgrandpa william lashley. His son, Jessie Lee Lashley, was my grandpa. Grandaddy always told me that his daddy,William, was a farmer. Grandaddy had to go to work in the fields at a young young age because William was paralyzed from the waist down and needed his help in the fields.In 1930 William was caught with red liquor in the house during the prohibition. He was sentenced to Baldwin State Prison for 12 months. He was released after 8 months because Jessie was a sickly child and Emma couldnt take care of Jessie and 2 more children on the $10 a month from the state. So William took a job as a prison guard to support his family. He sat in his wheelchair with a rifle across his lap to guard the prison and inmates. Grandpa Jessie said that even in his wheelchair, he was an excellent shot.
Nov 30, 2014 · posted to the person Jessie Lee Lashley
Robin Goodwin the man in this photo is NOT PAUL HAROLD HARRISON
Dec 24, 2014 · posted to the photo Jessie Lee Harrison