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New York City, 1945
New York City, 1945
A photo of women Christmas shopping in New York City in 1945.
Date & Place: in New York, New York United States
Margaret Gorman, First Miss America
Margaret Gorman, First Miss America
The first Miss America (chosen Miss America 1921), Margaret (Gorman) Cahill, with Hudson Maxim, an inventor and chemist, (dressed as Neptune) at the Atlantic City Carnival in 1922.

When she won the title of Miss America, Margaret Gorman was 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weighed 108 lbs.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Bain News Service
Date & Place: in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
Peddie School
Peddie School
Assembly at Peddie, 1933. Peddie School was established in 1864 as Highstow Female Seminary, though later in that year boys were admitted. It was named for Thomas Peddie (1808-1889) who was a benefactor.
It later became a boys' school, so I don't know why there was an assembly with so many females in the photo.
Betty Neiman is named on the front of the photo, with no indication as to which female she is.
Back of photo has numerous names, also not matching with front of photo.
People in photo include: Betty Neiman, Okie Pierpont, John Good, Howard "Gerry" Gerhardt, Eugene Wintz, George Gleim, Alice Hopper, Bob Frey, Franklin "Woody" Wood, Betty Johnson, Lois La Rue, and Barbara Evans
Date & Place: at Peddie School in Highstown, New Jersey USA
Prohibition Women
Prohibition Women
Women from New Jersey marching on the Capitol in support of Prohibition. Some of the sayings on the signs: "Liberty in Law." "Character in candidates." "Use your head | Not Head Lines." "Right States | State Rights." "Know Your Courts|Study Your Publications." "Law Breakers Must Not Be Law Makers."

From reading the signs, I'd say that newspapers and many lawmakers were against Prohibition.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress
Date & Place: at Capitol Building in Washington DC, District Of Columbia USA
Atlantic City Boardwalk 1911
Atlantic City Boardwalk 1911
Atlantic City Boardwalk in 1911. You can see the front of the Blenheim Hotel in the background.

Take a close look at the crowd (and it is very crowded!). The fashion (and hats) is so cool!

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress
Date & Place: at Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey USA
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