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Stuart Steele Ellen was the 5th child born to George and Mary-Ann Steele of Glamorgan Vale. Ellen attended the local State School. In 1891 Ellen gave birth to a boy in North Ipswich who subsequently died 18 days later. In 1894 on the 7th of February Ellen gave birth to a William Edward Steele at the Women's Refuge and Infants Home in Brisbane. Ellen's status was classified as refugee. The father of either child was not known. Ellen's immediate family-(i.e. her parents,siblings etc) embraced her despite the stigma attached to ex-nuptial births. This is evident as Ellen is back at Glamorgan Vale where she meets and marries Xavier Schekoske in 1898. Together they have an additional 4 children and decide in 1901 to move to the Wondai area to take up selection of land. Xavier is take ownership of portion 412V on Greenview Road Wondai with Ellen taking ownership of portion 315V (160 acres) on Flats Road Chelmsford Mondure. Ellen and Xavier send all their children to the Mondure North Provisional School a distance of about 3k's. In 1906 Xavier unexpectedly passes away leaving a 34 year old Ellen on her own with 5 children. In 1908 Ellen meets and marries a 21 year old John Kluck and together they have 3 children. They continue to farm the land--a total of 320 acres until her death on the 21st January 1928. Her husband John sells both properties by June of that year.
Dec 05, 2014 · posted to the person Ellen (Steele) Schekoske
Stuart Steele I have put this document together to highlight the life of my GREAT GRAND AUNT; someone I would have liked to have met. Ellen endured despite all of life’s adversities from surviving the death of her oldest son-William Valentine Steele to that of her first husband Xavier Schekoske before her time. This is her story: Ellen Steele was born on the 15th January 1874 in the Lowood area. Her parents are George and Mary-Ann (nee Gardner) Steele. Her father had taken up selection in the Glamorgan Vale area and acquired 160 acres. This is known to be 420 Glamorganvale /Lowood Road. Ellen attended the local Glamorganvale State School in 1886. At the age of 17 on the 2-10-1891 Ellen gave birth to her first child-William Edmund Steele. The father is unknown. The child dies 18 days later in the Lennon Lane area of North Ipswich. Her sister Mrs Hannah Goldie Simpson supports Ellen. On the 7-2-1894 at the Women’s Refuge and Infant Home, Turbot Street, Brisbane, Ellen gave birth to her second child-William Edward Steele-who survives to become William Valentine Steele. The father is also unknown. Ellen’s life as a young unmarried mother could have easily been one of shame and retribution from within her inner family and society at large, but Ellen’s immediate family embraced and supported her as she is back at Glamorgan Vale where she meets and marries Xavier Schekoske in 1898. Together they have 4 children: - Eva Ellen Schekoske on the 3-11-1898 - Mary Schekoske on the 6-1-1901 - Nicholas Schekoske on the 23-4-1902 - Albert Schekoske on the 1-10-1903 Xavier informally adopts Ellen’s first son as William takes his stepfather’s name of Schekoske when enrolled at school. They also live on the farm of Xavier’s father (Valentine Schekoske) for a short while before taking up selection in 1903 in the newly opened area of Wondai. Both Xavier and Ellen have become selectors in this thriving community. Ellen’s Agricultural Farm is 3567 and Xavier’s is 3030. On a cadastral map they are Portion 315V & Portion 412V. Tragedy hits in 1906 when Xavier suddenly and without warning becomes gravely ill and passes away leaving a vulnerable Ellen to care for 5 young children whilst continuing to maintain the selections. On the 3-5-1907 Ellen sells Xavier’s property to Henry Wecker for £120-just under $24,000 in today’s money. In 1908 a 34-Year-old Ellen marries again to a 21 Year old John Kluck on Ellen’s property “The Rockley”. This property is actually 154 Flats Road, Chelmsford 4606 with the original barn still in place. Together they have 3 children: - Arthur John Kluck on the 18-4-1909 - Walter George Kluck on the 23-11-1910 - Lillian Kluck in 1912. Ellen’s life was a difficult one but she evolved into becoming a successful landholder with her two agricultural farms despite the crippling drought of 1902. Ellen could have easily become despondent and self-recriminating but she didn’t. She is a true Australian battler and deserves praise and recognition. However, Ellen did have difficulties coming to terms with the death of her beloved son William as his name appears on the Wondai Census for 1919 and 1925 but the evidence contradicts this. In 1923 Ellen secures an additional 10 years on the lease of her properties. She owned Portion 315V and Portion 312V. However this enterprising woman with true determination and persistence passes away in the Maryborough Hospital on the 21st January 1928. I am proud to have told her story, as I know it.
Jan 24, 2015 · posted to the person Ellen (Steele) Schekoske
Stuart Steele Eva was born to Ellen Steele and Xavier Schekoske in 1898. Eva was Ellen's first child with Xavier. Together with Eva's parents and her half-brother William they lived on a portion of Valentine Schekoske's farm until about 1903. Then the entire family moved to the up and coming area of Wondai as selectors. Eva along with her brothers and sister attended the Mondure North Provisional School. At the age of 22 Eva marries Thomas Watson Smith on the 7th January 1921. They move to the Howard area and later onto Pialba-part of Hervey Bay. Eva and Thomas do not have children and eventually move to Sandgate. In 1939 Thomas passes away and Eva moves to 47 Musgrave Road Red Hill Queensland as a proprietress. It is here she meets and marries Alexander William McLean and together in 1954 they are storekeepers at 71 Juliette Street,Annerley Qld. However by 1958 Eva and Alexander are now living at 11 Jeffcott Street,Nundah, Queensland. Alexander passes away in 1967 with Eva 10 years later.
Jan 24, 2015 · posted to the person Eva Ellen Schekoske
Stuart Steele Hello Sylvia,I found this one,is it your parents?
Sep 12, 2015 · posted to the photo Leonard and Estella (Hueners) Hertel
Stuart Steele Hello Sylvia,you realise when you start a family tree it gets into your blood and never leaves. I have been unearthing family info for the best part of 25 years but it's only the last few years with the internet and so many government organisations opening up their records and sharing on-line that has enabled me to find so much more. I truly enjoy trawling through archival info at our local State Office. It is where I found Edmund Valentine Steele was a convicted felon. No-one knew or wanted to talk about it. I couldn't find the photos you mentioned on your family tree,maybe I am not looking in the right place. I'll look again to see if I can find your pictures. It's been great chatting. Stuart Steele.
Sep 12, 2015 · posted to the person Edmund Valentine Steele
Stuart Steele Thank you for your comments and it sound like your story could make a movie one day. It is amazing what our forefathers went through just to survive. Do you have photos of your ancestors?
Sep 10, 2015 · posted to the person Edmund Valentine Steele
Stuart Steele This is John Steele the third youngest son of Edmund Valentine Steele. John's life started on the 6th March 1902 in Eumundi Qld. He attended school and for the most part of his life lived as an adult in Canungra. John lived as a hermit in a shack and did so for 50 years. He never married and had very little contact with the outside world. As a recluse he was a victim of the times as his body was undiscovered for a week before being found in 1972.
Sep 05, 2015 · posted to the photo John Steele
Stuart Steele To Jose Wagner De Castro--I did NOT put this photo of my ancestors onto this site for ridicule or disparaging remarks. It is for like minded people to enjoy what was our past. If you have nothing nice to say THEN SAY NOTHING!!!!
Aug 25, 2015 · posted to the photo Emma & Albert Schekoske
Stuart Steele This is a photo taken 1895/1896. It is the Surawski Family of Kalbar Qld. From the Left is Peter born 1886,Mary Matilda born 1882,John Patrick born 1883 then sitting down is Mary Surawski nee Schekoske ( their mother),Franz Joseph born 1879,Johann Surawski ( their father sitting down) Margaret Matilda born 1881,Nicholas Martin born 1885. At the front is Herman (Harry) born 1888,Andrew Laurence born 1895,Joseph born 1890,Robertus (Nobby) born 1891 and Eda Johannah born 1893. As parents Mary and Johann had 17 children all told. Both parents lived to their 90's.
Aug 02, 2015 · posted to the person Mary (Schekoske) Surawski
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