2 men in front of trolley Car

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The streetcar says "Brooklyn Ave Arcade Depot." The photo could be related to any of the families listed below. Welty, Singleton, Birge, Beals, Broughton, Bemis, James, McConville, Janzen, Johansen, Kelsey, Kinkead, Lake, Schmidt, Barnett, Uriz, Gonzalez, Hays or Helwig

Mystery: here are two men in front of a trolley car, not sure who the men are or where this picture was taken. could have been taken while sightseeing or it could be a relative.


T. Kasinger For sure the photograph was taken in the Los Angeles, CA, area. The Pacific Electric, a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific RR, services Los Angeles and neighboring communities for many decades.
Aug 15, 2004 · Reply
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