A Wrinkle - I'm getting Old! Ivory Soap

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An old Ivory Soap advertisement, initially ran in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper 1937, which reads:

A Wrinkle - I'm Getting Old!
But Lady . . . "dishpan hands" makes you look older than a wrinkle does!!
"Middle-aged hands" often make people add three to five years to your age . . . yet it's easy to guard against those criss-cross wrinkles on your knuckles, that coarsening of the skin . . . Protect your hands in the dishpan. Don't use ordinary wash-day soaps for dishes - they weren't made to protect sensitive skin.

But, IVORY SOAP was. Give your hands a gentle Ivory bath every time you wash dishes - you'll be surprised how nice your hands stay. Another surprise - Ivory Soap actually costs less to use for dishes than washday chips and powders! So make Ivory your dishwashing soap today. Ask for practical "Large Size" Ivory.

Keep your hands young . . . wash dishes with Ivory Soap.

Now, this advertisement is funny, but at least back in the day marketers actually described the benefits of their products versus getting a celebrity to endorse completely un-related products :)
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