Ailsa Georgina Booth-Jones, 1915 Booth-Jones family photo
Alyssa McIntosh

Ailsa Georgina Booth-Jones, 1915

Ailsa Georgina Booth - Jones
Ship : RMS Lusitania
Passenger : 2nd class
Nationality : British
Residence : Manchester, Lancashire England -New York, New York US
Death : May 7, 1915 2 : 10 pm
Cause : Lusitania sinking ( body recovered and buried in Cobh, Ireland )
Age : 8

The Mystery

The Booth-Jones family was lost in the Lusitania disaster. Only Ailsa's body was found.

About Ailsa Georgina Booth-Jones

RMS Lusitania was at one time the world's biggest ship and could maintain a speed of 25 knots thanks to her turbine engines. She was torpedoed by a German U-Boat in 1915 and 1198 lives (out of a total of 1,959 passengers) were lost. Shown here is Ailsa Georgina Booth who lost her life along with her father and brother during the sinking. ...more info

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Photo taken at Manchester , Lancashire County, England United Kingdom
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