Darren & Virginia's Wedding Day Graham family photo
Virginia Harper Edseth Graham

Darren & Virginia's Wedding Day

This is a group picture of Grahams with a few exceptions: Thelma Dean, Bill Chapman, Melissa Baker, Megan Rose & Shayanne Baker.

Standing Adults (L to R): P.J., Thelma, Dearl, Virginia (myself), Darren, Leona, Bill, Melissa holding Megan, Shayanne standing in front of me.

Squatting: Kevin, Ashley, Aaron, Elizabeth. ... show more

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Photo taken at Darren & Virginia Graham Arlington, TX on
Darren & Virginia's Wedding Day

P.J. Graham

Born: Nov 19, 1948
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: P.J. Graham at 56 years old  ·  Thelma Dean at 85 years old  ·  Dearl G. Graham at 72 years old  ·  Virginia C Graham at 48 years old  ·  Darren M Graham at 44 years old  ·  Leona I Graham at 64 years old  ·  Bill Chapman  ·  Melissa A Baker at 27 years old  ·  Megan C Rose at 1 years old  ·  Shayanne L Baker at 7 years old  ·  Kevin Graham at 37 years old  ·  Ashley Graham at 17 years old  ·  Aaron D Graham at 11 years old  ·  Elizabeth E Graham at 13 years old