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Fred William "Bud" Cook at a stag bar (Tony's Cafe) on the corner of Ludlow and 7th. Street in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio when the neighborhood was still a good and decent neighborhood. My family was not Italian but the neighborhood had many Catholic Italian families. Fred and his wife, Helen (Sositko) Henry Cook had many Italian friends. This photo was possibly taken in the late 1950's (or early 1960's). Fred and his family lived upstairs from the stag bar at 7th and Ludlow Streets from about 1949 until he died in Dec.1963. His wife still lived there until her death in 1968.
Fred was the son of Lena Ethel (Tribbey) Henry Cook.
I just want to add a note to this that Fred did not like certain hillbillies when they started moving into the neighborhood because these hillbillies who moved into the neighborhood would put their living room couch (sofa) and television set outside on the sidewalk to sit and watch TV. They would threaten to shoot people who would just be walking on the sidewalk and in front of their television. That was a bad first impression the neighbors got of those people. I think he knew that not all were like that.
Fred's ancestors were in England, Germany and possibly in Ireland and the Netherlands (Holland). He always said he was German and Dutch (Dutch or Deutsch?). German ancestors are in both the Cook and Henry (Catherine Fetters) families. All of his ancestors were Christians.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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